Mobile Pochven Filament Jammer

Deployable non-flex structure similar in ehp to a mobile observatory. This filament jammer halts the system-wide use of Pochven filaments for the purpose of asset evacuation without basic hole control.

I would foremost want to see these authorized for player deployment in j-space and Pochven.

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I would like to see them try a jammer system similar to this before outright banning filament use in wormholes.

To have any significance it’ll probably have to have a lot tank or a delayed timer if you want to convey this aspect of ‘hole control.’

Looks like thing that can potentially increase player interactions for nulls and WH

I have a couple of questions

  1. How you suggest to determine purpose of filament activation? I suggest just not to.
  2. Duration and cost. Same as observatory? LGTM
  3. Only WH? You’re egoistic bastard!
    W-space - yes
    Null’s - yes
    Hi/Low - no
    Pochven - more no than yes (1. lore reasons 2. low number of Pochven systems 3. That’s primary way to enter and leave Pochven)
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You are right, this would be very useful in null sec particularly for hardening space against ‘easy’ escape of bank robbers and roaming ratter hunters. As long as the filament jammer is squishy this still feels fair.

The main concern is this device ‘foremost’ sees use in wormholes to some capacity to make it more difficult on stranded battleship rollers and eviction evacuation haulers/orcas using the yeet filament highway as a mostly ‘uncontested’ means to escape to high sec and avoid capture.

I don’t want to see the complete removal of filament activation from wormholes–just the introduction of systems that introduce counterplay.

As for the limit of systems in Pochven that can work for and against structure spam of these devices. Ease of entering Pochven and limited systems makes it simpler for anyone to go jump in and combat probe system after system to pad their kill board with structure killmails.

Additionally, there are often many wormholes connecting to a Pochven system so filaments aren’t the only way out. Yes, where this matter of extraction does admittedly get tricky is for players returning to Eve and finding their world turned upside down (this is what the devana-1 filament feels intended for as a cheap one way ticket out).

I do feel Pochven could be beneficially served if extraction filaments weren’t a guaranteed exit immediately from decloak after the initial 15 minute timer expires. If there was that further incentive to scan down an exit wormhole, rather than simply yeet, that feels like a net positive for potential player interactions.

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