Module or rig that grants 100% cargo drop

I would like to see a module or rig for pirates that will cause their victims to drop 100% 75% of their cargo (I’m talking about cargo, not equipped modules, where 50% loss is fine).

Why this idea would shake-up piracy meta:

  • ATM, most pirates fit their ships to maximise gank or PVP effectiveness.
  • Fitting a rig or module that’ll ensure 100% cargo drop means that pirates are sacrificing their gank and PVP effectiveness in exchange for more loot. This fits with Eve’s philosophy of more risk = more isk.
  • Victims of piracy have a better chance of defending themselves as pirates will be less combat effective. This means more pew-pew.
  • Pirates will be more vulnerable to anti-pirates, who will be 100% PVP effective since they won’t need this module.
  • Pirates will now have more options in how to approach their career. Will they choose to be hyper-aggressive and engage everyone in a full-PVP ship? Or will they fit this module and only attack cargo-laden ships?

For ganks involving multiple pirates, each pirate should have this module or rig equipped, otherwise the victim will only drop 50% of their cargo. This will make high-sec gank fleets more vulnerable to anti-piracy, and give anti-pirates a chance to sabotage ganks by shooting the victim themselves, ensuring that drops are only 50% instead of 100%.

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-1 for many reasons.


No. destruction provides the only real material sink - it needs to apply to cargo. If CCP actually manages to create some scarcity in the game it may be practical to increase the drop chances but it should never be 100% - even during events.

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Why don’t you just fly smarter and fit proper tank on your ships to avoid getting ganked in the first place?


I thought this was an idea for ganking, not against it.

How about a high-slot module that increases the chance by 10% (stackable), with all other mechanics described by you below? This way it won’t be a necessary module on ganking ships.

OK, ill say it… We found the RMT’r

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I like the idea of it being a rig, but for drop rates from OTHER ships it should only be a 10 percent or 15 percent (tech 2) increase, possibly 5 and 10.

Perhaps there could be a sister rig that gives a 100 percent drop rate from the ship it is installed on. Then people running PvE could consider using it for insurance, “If I mess up during a mission I can still retrieve all of my blingy mods.” Of course that would be balanced out by the pirates who figure out how to identify that this rig is fit and can retrieve the bling before the mission bear can get back to it.

Probably all versions of this should have fairly high calibration costs.

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You’re idea is interesting, but I disagree with your implementation. 100% for one rig is definitely way too much. You’d only need one alt with the rig fit and you be set. Everyone else could fit normally. Moreover, it would definitely screw with the prices of items, which would affect various people’s incomes.

I’m spitballing here, but I would lower the standard drop rate to around 40%, and then have a mod/rig that would increase the drop rate by around 10%, and it would have stacking penalties and be limited to one per ship like a cloaking mod. The actual numbers would need to be hammered out, but I’d want groups that have 3 or 4 ships with the mod to have bigger drop rates, groups with 2 mods in the fleet to have about 50% drop rates, and everyone else to have a lower drop rate to compensate.

The mod rig would need to have big enough drawbacks that deciding whether or not to fit it would provide meaningful choice, and not just be something that everyone did all the time.

Then there’s the alt problem. What would stop players from effectively circumventing the drawbacks by bringing along low skill alts with the mod? IDK, perhaps you could have the module efficacy be tied to how much damage the ship does to the target? But something like that would probably increase server load.

Yeah, I’m not sure how exactly it should be implemented, but I do like the idea. +1 bro.

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Yeah 100% is probably too high. 67% or 75% would be good enough.

I would like to see more “paper scissor rock” when it comes to piracy. The pirate is incentivised to decrease their combat effectiveness in exchange for more loot. For the victim, defense becomes more viable.

This would be perfect for freighter ganking!

Too perfect.


No. No 100% loot, ever. Increase the loot amount may be (for it not to be utter ■■■■■■■■ most of the time), but no 100% loot drop. This is insane.

Oh and also, this is a good ■■■■ only for RMT. Which will become absolutely unprovable in the first place, day one.

Which is horrible for the whole EVE game concept.

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2 dimensional thinking Khan! (solo) :wink:

In a suicide fleet it is just a giveaway of extra loot. A single slot on a single ship being nothing.

That’s why

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