Module setup in mess after refitting

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I’m running missions, and using two hulls with a variety of fits for each. After each refit, the module setup is completely messy, with modules scattered all over the slots. Is there a way to avoid the need to rearrange everything every single time? I know, it takes just a few seconds, and can be done in warp, but it’s slowly getting on my nerve. I am considering simply buying additional hulls, and jump between them. My question is a means of last resort before I dish out 2B isk.

There shouldn’t be too many reasons to change your fits for mission running… except maybe a mod or two, depending on what ships you are running with, or upgrading to more powerful mods, refitting mission running ships is usually unnecessary

I fly a Mach. Refit from an AC, damage-specific shield-active fit into an arty-bassed, omnitype passive-shield. Only the rigs and a part of lows stay the same. The pain is mainly to group the guns together.
Burner Nergal has 7-8 fits.

I like to organize my fits by active vs passive, offensive vs defensive.

I move all my passive fits to the far right so in the heat of the moment I don’t get confused.

I put the offensive fits (weapons, scrams, web, jammers etc) on the top row, and the defensive (shields, AB/WMD, boosters etc) on the middle row. Bottom row are for what I feel are second tier defensive fits like armor repair and the [pathetic] warp stab.

You can hide passive mods

How? :thinking:

at the bottom right of the capacitor, is a small icon, thats the settings for how to move things in the HUD and hide passive mods among other things.

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Simply save the fit you want as one of your saved fits in the ingame fitting tool. When you want to put that exact fit on your ship, be in a station or structure with the required stuff in the hangar there or use a mobile depot with the stuff you need for the fit in it, click “hulls and fittings” from the ship fitting window, choose the type of ship, right click your saved fit you want, choose “fit to ship” - vo-illa!

To group your weapons click the little round button at the left end of your high slots in your HUD.

You’re gonna pay 2B to someone for…what?

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