MoMs WH Small Gang PVP Corp (C4: C3/C2) recruiting new and experienced pilots in all TZ

Menace of Morons is looking for pilots to join us in our quest to have as much fun as possible creating mayhem across the space lanes. If you love the adrenaline rush of the hunt and the salty screams of your prey then you’ll fit right in. From hoary wormhole vets to k-spacers and new bros curious about what life in the Hole is like, all are welcome in MoMs.

What being a Moron gives you:

  • C4 with C3/C2 statics, great for content along with ratting opportunities
  • SRP and Free ships in actions lead by senior Morons
  • Corp Buyback at 90% Jita, corp hauls so you don’t have to
  • Scouts & Hunters that find the targets get 100% of the loot
  • Corp leadership with over a decade of combined Wormhole experience and a desire to teach newbros
  • Roaming content fleets of varying SP levels
  • Chain hunting and brawls, targets allowing
  • Discord for Comms and Tripwire for maping

What it takes to be a Moron:

  • Omega Account
  • Deep-seated desire to see pixels explode
  • Willingness to scan OR learn how to scan chains for content
  • Capability to laugh off the loss of another 1B Loki
  • Laid back friendly attitude

Whilst we still are small, you will normally find one of us online at any time of the day, so all time zones welcome. We understand that families, significant others, Bosses, etc. just don’t seem to get the importance of destroying Internet space ships \o/ … so we accept and expect that RL will always come first.

If all this sounds like it might be a fit and you are interested in joining our Moronic troupe head over to our Discord (Menace Of Morons ) and say hi in the Recruitment channel.

Hope to see you soon and remember to have fun, fly dangerously, and die screaming!


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I saw you in local in black rise and then found your post on Eve Forums, I’d like to officially be a moron! :slight_smile:

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More and more Pilots are discovering their inner Moron