Monthly Ecomomic Report - June 2019

Just for you:


i have no clue what he attempted to say.

Are you high?

+1 excellent snark.

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I really hate it when people use a bounty instead of going out there and working for a living and then whole sectors and collecting mineral. You can’t really blame it and trying to build their Kingdom

Can’t wait for July’s

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Nope…not legal where I am…yet. First in line, though, when it is!! :innocent:

Thanks, I think? Not sure if this is a compliment, but I’m taking it as such since I’m semi-ignorant of the use of the word snark in this case.

July’s MER will be a disaster for Goons. *inserting sarcasm…right…here -> “As a member of the Imperium, I have not been out mining in my Rorqual every single day since the beginning of the blackout. I have not been participating in any fleets because my inner care-bear feels violated. I have not been training capital skills so that I can rat in my super carrier starting in 2020. I am un-subbing my Omega accounts in protest of the blackout, and I am saltier than the dead sea about all of the above…”

Maybe I have pontificated upon things for which it is either unseemly for me to speak or upon which I am unfit to judge; however, we shall see in the next MER coming out soon.

Snark. Sarcasm.

July’s MER will be fine. Lower across the board, but that’s ok.

Or so they’d have us believe.

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