Monthly Economic Report - July 2018

I’ve probably expressed about half a dozen views in my last two posts since you last posted, so… not sure which one you’re referring to as you didn’t quote.

Look at exports and imports, they do not match your story.

Um. okay?

I’m no economic expert, in this game or out of it. I just saw multiple people in this thread commenting on Everyshore’s sudden appearance on the opposite end of a chart as would be expected, and as someone who spent their first year or two living primarily in Everyshore/Sinq Laison wanted to chime in with my subjective, speculative opinions. I mean, looking back at my first post in here, I said “always thought” and “not sure” and “I’d have guessed” and “maybe/mebbe”… I don’t think I could have been more clear in my uncertainty.

In short, I make no claim at having a solid, fact-based conclusive theory as to why that is, I was just replying to Whitehound and Uriel and zluq and more idly wondering about it and hoping some economist expert types could explain it to the rest of us.

If it sounded like I was trying to lay down something definitive without having the data and evidence to back it up, my bad. I am but the EVE equivalent of a casual sports fan engaging in idle chit-chat about my favorite team’s ups and downs in the latest game.

And export is when something “goes out” of a region/country/etc.

An import is something “going in”.

Being an exporter or an importer is neither good nor bad. That Everyshore might be doing more economically is good…whether it is imports or exports is good.

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