Monthly Economic Report - November 2018


The Monthly Economic Report for November 2018 is now ready!

The raw data, including the killmail dump, can be found here (26.5MB)

For deeper understanding of the indices used in the report, please have a look at the following explanations.

Mineral Price Index (MPI)
The Mineral Price Index (MPI) shows the price changes in all eight minerals used to produce ships and other items in EVE. The weight of each mineral in the index changes each month is based on the relative trade values of the previous month.

Primary Producer Price Index (PPPI)
The Primary Producer Price Index consists of manufacturing items used for the production of other manufacturing items at the secondary stage. Manufacturing items used for the production of final consumer goods are excluded. The index includes such item groups as ore, moon materials, planetary commodities, sleeper relics, and items used in invention.

Secondary Producer Price Index (SPPI)
The Secondary Producer Price Index contains production materials and other production items that are used in the manufacturing of consumer goods, i.e. goods included in the Consumer Price Index.

Consumer Price Index (CPI)
The Consumer Price Index measures the overall price changes of consumer products. This is not limited to consumables such as fuel, ammunition or PLEX, but also includes assets such as ships, modules, implants and starbase structures. In summary, anything that is not primarily used to produce other goods is included in the index, which contains over 4000 individual items.


oh yea!! nerd porn


Spreadsheets Online™ :eye: :eye:


No per-region breakdown on mining, production, and NPC bounties?


Regional mining and ratting graph posted yet? It’s Delve’s biggest advertisement (or am I just not seeing it…)

I note that despite structure market hub dominance in high value transactions such as PLEX, nonetheless 80% of broker fees are going to NPC.

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Your game is falling through its own poop chute. Botting has sky rocketed while conflict stagnated. Your tolerance of botting will shortly prove unsustainable for your subscription base. You are naive to think PA will tolerate such lack of action on this imminent disaster to your subscription numbers.


And Lonetrek is still bigger than Hek… what is going on there - it suddenly rose to high prominence yet there is no clue as to why.

What on Jita are you talking about? You either posted in the wrong thread or you are delusional or something because whatever you tried to express doesn’t relate to my post which you replied to that’s for sure.

I had to download the raw data for the regional mining/bounty data.

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Looks like bounties bar would have to be cut by 50% for ISK inflow be in balance with outflow.

That means bounties in null cut by 50%. Easy to do.

Optionally amount of anomalies cut be cut by half while also prolonging their “to respawn” time. That would make people actively compete for them in empty otherwise null.


wormholes btw?

thanks :slight_smile:

Is mining and bounty farming in Delve so disgusting now that you don’t even publish the graphs any longer? :thinking:

Why would you move anything else into structures in high sec? Moving PLEX is a button click, SP trading items are tiny. Moving bigger assets like modules, ships and production material for sale are a whole lot harder to move out of these stupid structures unless you want to pay not only the fee and have you stuff locked for at least a work week. And with the multitude of structures available, you would also have to move around a lot to grab all the things you bought in different places. All in all: Structures are crap.™

Besides, it is actually important that these fees still go to NPC because CCP is not competent enough to introduce new sinks, which would lead to even more of the ISK influx to remain in the economy.

What about the most important : mining and bounty per area?

You probably could have just looked at last month to be fair, but yeah, that was an error made by me as I’m a dumbass and missed a line of files out in the folder when I was uploading them to format the blog.

All the graphs that were missing have now been added, sorry about that!



Sweet, thanks!

True. This month is just as bad again. Totally fine.™

Looks like the 4 Delve Incursions caused some distraction :grinning:

Hm. I have a question to that.

If you look at Destruction vs. Production, it would seem that very roughly the in-game wealth in form of “stuff” (end-products) grows by around 3 Trillion every single day. About 4.5 production and 1.5 destroyed. That would mean that within 30 days, we have a growth in potential commodities of stuff with a current market value of about 90 Trillion ISK. At the same time we see active ISK growing only by about 1/3 of that (Faucets - (Sinks+Delta)), which would mean that over time less ISK available to represent more and more potential commodities.

So, while botting is a huge problem and ISK influx seems to be too large, it would seem that this is nothing compared to the lack of destruction vs. overproduction/easily sourcing of stuff.

Apart from the few NPC goods that you can buy for a stable price (Skillbooks come to mind), isn’t it that we see overall tendency of deflation or in other words: sinking prices for produced goods and that further ISK sinks would only increase that tendency?

Also, since the material influx vs. lack of destruction was strong for quite a few years now, it would seem that even if people entirely stopped mining/producing today, it would take ten years or so to burn through the overproduction of the past 2-3 years at current destruction rates. This leads me to believe, that ISK faucets are only a secondary problem and the real culprit is how easy it has been for a few years to amass extreme amounts of material wealth with multiboxing Rorquals, undepletable mining Anoms and “active” Moon Mining.

It indirectly encourages botting, because it makes it more worth the while. It’s also not solveable within the old framework, because it has been going on too long. Personally I think that Triglavian ships are an attempt to even that out, as they require materials that can’t be sourced in the same stupid amounts.

Yeah absolutely. Though within the current framework it’s highly questionable if we are anywhere near the point where this could be done by players in amounts sizeable enough to make a difference and - b - if it isn’t far too late to turn the tide, as the last 3 years allowed to build up stockpiles that could easily last for the next 10.

You could also just dial back the production by killing off Rorquals. Will be easier than figuring out how to increase destruction after you deliberately removed a lot of destruction potential with the structures.