Monthly Economic Report - October 2019


The Monthly Economic Report for October 2019 is now available for everyone!

You can download all the raw data used in the report by following this link.

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So can we have that BO back already?



If only someone had told them that any gains against faucets were illusory at best and only reflected reduced activity, not structural fixes.

But, you know, Hilmar’s right, clearly no-one is smart enough to predict what would happen.


Reduced botting\afk ratting activity is a structural fix.


No, it’s not. Reduced activity is reduced activity. That’s like claiming the way to ‘fix’ EVE is to shut it off.


Maybe the should stop caring about pure activity metrics and how to push more psychological manipulative stuff to artificially increase it and more about making the game fun to play again.


Reducing unhealthy activity is not the same thing as pure reducing activity. Easily raking in isk with little to no risk of destruction is detrimental to the server as a whole. If those players stop playing the game it’s not a detriment to the game and it’s more likely they will adapt. The game is arguably failing because of an over abundance of resources.


Reducing unhealthy activity in a focused, targeted way is not the same as a pure reduction in activity, no. However, that’s not what happened, and it’s not what scattershot approaches like ‘we don’t, and shouldn’t try, to predict what will happen’ gets you. Blackout didn’t just reduce botting/afk behavior in null. In fact, a lot of the bots (as CCP’s acknowledged) just moved to HS. In null, BO reduced overall activity.

That’s why, after the initial surge of destruction in the last half of July, August showed a consistent tapering-off on all forms of activity. Industrial production doesn’t directly correlate to mining. There are massive stockpiles built up all over the place, and production could continue just fine for a while with a reduced mining load. That’s what happened in August 2017, for example.

Just reducing activity—which is all BO did—doesn’t address the afk behaviors. It doesn’t really curb the botting. Even the much-touted ‘we banned 4k botters in a single month’ only represented a return to the rolling monthly average after an abnormally low number of bans the month before.

Structural fixes, actual, real structural fixes, have to be changes that encourage activity by actual people, at the keyboard, with an eye toward balance in [risk/effort v reward/fun].


Why is the isk delta negative? Faucets > Sinks.

Bots moving to HS not only improves visibility of them, it also drastically decrease their isk generation. - Win
Industry had to chew at the stockpile built up rather than a continuing influx. - Win

The reduction in other activities during this time period is because once players didn’t want to adapt they just docked up an waited for the BO to go away. If BO going away wasn’t an option they would adapt or leave. Do you not think these same people won’t leave the game when a structural change is put in place that dramatically increases their odds of destruction or dramatically reduces their payout?


You should open an actual report and read the small text below that graph explaining what “Active ISK delta” is.

Nope. Just tell me.

Edit: I got it. Sinks and Faucets do not mean all sinks and all faucets.

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Isk delta is the super vague incoming and outgoing of isk from things like GM activities or players going inactive or re-activating.

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The Faucet: Commodities graph lacks “Sleeper Components”… again.

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ISK delta represents the total amount of ISK in the system. When players go inactive long enough, they come out of the tracking, which means all of the ISK in their wallets is removed. That is the ISK delta.

No, it really doesn’t. They’re just more missioners, doing their thing. When your content is all static and immutable, players engaging with it are just as predictable as a script.

Except it didn’t. Industry dropped off, too. Because everything did. Notice that my example was two years ago. Demand hasn’t been strong, and it continues to not be strong.

I think that quite a lot of us have reduced our activity not because the BO reduced income or increased risk, but because the whole ‘Era of Chaos’ was CCP standing up on a table screaming ‘WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WE’RE DOING, WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU INVEST TIME AND EFFORT WITH US RIGHT NOW?!?!’

We’re cautiously optimistic that Rise has been given the green light to get things done, and we generally trust him to have a clue, as he’s shown to have one in the past. But right now, we’re at ‘let’s see some return before we re-invest’.


Like what?

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You couldent be more wrong bout this. I can tell you as a manufacturer that BA only lowered people willing to buy stuff, not the stuff being manufactured, nor the stockpiles. In sense blackout increased the stockpiles and the influx of items. You can confirm this by looking at the “manufacturing” sink in the mer, all the movements are within normal moves from month to month.


What’s up with these weird downticks after the spike following the blackout lift? There’s downticks in most graphs. Is it just the market finally catching up with the blackout?

@ CCP Dopamine, I think your numbers are seriously flawed in regards to amount of ISK imported and exported from Cache. I personally assisted with the evac of the region for both WC and VINDI and would estimate based off of my freighting services that more easily more than 2T left the region that I either touched or watched leave during the ops.

Bots were already adapting to the changes. The only group that was worse off were actual players who had a harder time without proper compensation. And PVPers were already complaining hard that they wouldn’t find targets anymore.

Nothing was fixed with Blackout. But it should have lasted longer anyway to drive CCP into ruin.


Produced is still down, Mined is still down. But destroyed is up again. Blackout made all of them go down, but now Destroyed is going up again. I wonder about that. (sure, to some extend it is Detorid but that is not all by a long shot since regions like Cobalt Edge, Vale of the Silent, Period Basis, Branch and others are up in destruction as well.)

Do you also want to know what a real issue is?

1.9T ISK of Broker Fees remaining in the economy. But CCP doesn’t want to fix that.