Monthly Economic Report - July 2018

What is happening on Everyshore? :scream:

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It is a logical fallacy to assume Goons want to improve the economy. Goons want to improve Goons, if that happens to be good for the economy, then so be it. If it isn’t then they so be it.


Why should Goons care if some schlub is Inghenges is buying a vexor?

You assume that what Goons are doing is of less value than bearing it up in Delve. If this were the case, that the opportunity cost of not bearing it up in Delve was larger than what they are doing then they’d back up and go home.

However, it is most likely the case that the previous months of “bearing it up” were don precisely for what Goons are doing now.

Yeah. Pretty much that.

This summer MS diagram

is exactly to a diagram I presented like 3 months ago


in the topic

Give me a MER Oracle Badge on this forum!

Aura voice: Docking request denied. :stuck_out_tongue:

But what does it mean to improve Goons? I’d have assumed that the massive accumulation of wealth is not an accident or side-effect, but core part of the strategy. To protect specifically from the possible negative effects that over-accumulation and maybe over-production could have, it should be a good thing to arm ones enemies so there is new need for more minerals.

I didn’t assume, I’m pointing out the effect. Now I will assume: I guess that halfing down ISK and mineral income, while still being on top of everybody else is an acceptable price to pay when you feel confident that you can outlast the others in terms of ressources and if the war is making members happy while having other positive effects for the group.

Yeah sure. The big revenge and all of that. NCPL have made enough enemies over the years for stomping on people with their super fleets. Goons and allies have picked up many of those guys and I assume there was and is high motivation to do everything necessary to get a proper payback.

The answer to that is probably not a fixed answer. Right now Goons are at war and are on the offensive. So it is probably different than it was a couple months ago.

As a Gallente toon who mostly hung out in Everyshore/Sinq Laison my first 2 years in game before primarily moving to Amarr (Domain/Tash-Murkon mostly) and living there most of the time since aside from some incursion wanderings and some WH living now…

I always thought Everyshore was a place with tons of mining and some industry, and ofc Sinq Laison as being the trade hub. I’m not sure whether more industry is performed in one or the other, but as Sinq Laison is generally busier and “bigger”, I’d have guessed there.

But maybe Everyshore is in fact the industrial heart of Gallente space, and thus the imports being high is because people are bringing in ore/compressed ore from all over and minerals sourced from Dodixie in Sinq Laison (or other trade hubs) to Everyshore to manufacture things.


Don’t dig for skeletons. Make that a policy.

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No someone moved alot of high value assets into the region .I’M guessing either supers or someone’s entire Alliance Tourney ship stash

It’s highsec, so no supers. Some new Citadels perhaps?
In April, May and June Everyshore was exporting, in June 0,9 T ISK.

Imports are pretty much non-existent. And if you look at the net exports they are pretty close to the value of ecports. And production is miniscule. Looks like what is happening is people mine in Everyshore, people buy said minerals, and then move them out.

It’s not what I would call a report. It’s just a data dump with no analysis. I’d get sacked if I presented a ‘report’ like that.

You should work for CCP instead. :wink:

The pay cut would kill me.

Please add all CONCORD killmails into the killmail dump. That way it’d be possible to seperate war/suspect kills from suicide ganks. Thanks!

Like I said, that last bit you just said is what I always assumed Everyshore’s role in the wider economy was, but these recent numbers certainly indicate something else is going on, even if only temporarily.

Maybe the dude (half?) joking about the Palatine was on to something.

It was me and it was primarily a joke including both possibilities as it is unlikely someone would do that BUT there is always the theoretical possibility in which case it is even more funny if that is the case.

The reason for this duality and the joke about the possibility is because some people done the calculations (one or several not sure but I see people mentioning those numbers, didn’t save the reference material but I think it is on reddit or something), according to which calculations you would need hundreds or maybe even a thousand or more PI alts producing stuff for an entire year or more to get the stuff you need, not to mention those items like janitors and such which can not be produced by conventional means so you require to farm missions or whatnot that provide them.

Another figure I read being mentioned several times is that all the PI production in the entirety of New Eden (including WHs so the entire game as I recall) up to this date would not be enough to build the Palatine even if magically it was put together.

So yeah, even if all these figures are half-true it is still such an undertaking that it is funny on its own and if someone tries to do it even more funny.

In the end it will be popped soon and the first to pop it will be mentioned on the monument that will be created at the destruction site of the first Palatine, and if ever another one is built and destroyed that will not create such a monument only the first one. At least that is what I read.

Regarding the monthly report and this possibility, it is easy, if the trend continues or becomes even more prominent for entire months, probably a year but most probably several year then yes someone might be building one or preparing the stuff to do so, otherwise it is more probable that something else is going on.

Either way even the notion of the possibility is funny and if someone actually tries to do it it is even more so. :slight_smile:

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I mean, it might not get popped if someone’s putting it in say a Hard Knocks or Lazerhawks WH… I hear those Keep Stars in their c6s are pretty unassailable.

But on that note, maybe it’s just a whole lotta regular non-shiny citadel importing/production going on in Everyshore all of a sudden out of nowhere.

And if that’s the case, then there kinda WAS a WH mention in the MER besides the usual blue loot NPC buy order commodities report this past month!

And yeah, that would fit with what we’re talking about. INTRIGUING.

Wut? Your view is not at all supprted by the data.