Monthly Economic Report - March 2019

WH should have some of the better goos.

It’s kinda crazy that all WHs, whether c1 or c6 or anything in between, have the same bottom (5th) tier moon goo as HS 0.5 sec does.

Give WHs at least 4th and 3rd tier moon goo, keep 2nd and 1st tier in LS/NS if you must.

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Do I see this right, despite the anomaly nerf, the bounties are again higher than February (71 vs 69)?


Since another round of nerfs went live this month, affecting both mining and ratting, the next report, for all of April, should prove much more telling about whether the nerfs are having an effect.

There’s no reason to shoot Athanors, if all you are interested in is KM’s. Why RF one to “provoke a fight” if you can’t be sure defenders will bother defending, and miners are virtually guaranteed to appear in space at certain times? Sometimes in Orcas and Rorquals. Hunters are finding a lot more targets, thanks to the change from passive mining.

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I wish I could log in to the game so I can play and rally my corp.
But CCP and the GM’s have decided not to fix my launcher

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