Monthly Economic Report - March 2019

(Nuke Michael) #22

so your bad at reading battle reports?

(Forum Posting Alt) #23

… oh dear … might want to get yourself updated on some of the recent major action (or attempted)

(Ms Steak) #24

Is this “spot the anomaly/bots” type excerpt from MER?
And i mean a coalition that is 1/8th size of imperium that killed 62% as much NPCs and has 2.5times more income per head in comparison…

(Forum Posting Alt) #25

Not necessarily, there may be many reasons why there is disparity - and I expect a lot of that is down to lack of data on my behalf (and by that I mean, a lack of granularity in the data provided by CCP and the difficulty of assigning regions/alliances to coalitions).

(Nuke Michael) #26

I’m pretty up to date on the recent things snuff has been up too, considering I’ve been invovled on a few with cap alts since I’m blue to snuff

Not so sure that you are though

(Solecist Project) #27

That’s a mess to read. :confused:

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Sorry :slight_smile:

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(Solecist Project) #29

Thank you for your efforts! :slight_smile:

(Forum Posting Alt) #30

This better? (depends on the data you want of course):

Membership 48572 Membership 24429 Membership 38094
Total income 35.3T Total income 7.8T Total income 23.1T
Income per head 727m Income per head 322m Income per head 607m
Winter Co. GOTG Provi Block
Membership 17819 Membership 6422 Membership 5161
Total income 10.2T Total income 12.6T Total income 2.2T
Income per head 572m Income per head 1965m Income per head 429m

Edit: also updated for Provi

(Solecist Project) #31

Feel free to post this one up there. It’s copied together from the quote. :slight_smile:

(Fenglorian Egivand) #32

Is there any way we could get Cache on the monthly economic reports? A region like Fade shows up on them and probably has comparable industry values.

(Maekchu) #33

So destruction of assets have stagnated, while production and minerals took a small hit. Not much have changed really.

The interesting question is, which I don’t have an answer to, is if there is a need to increase destruction by balancing mechanics/implementing more ways to destroy assets? Or if the current numbers are just a reflection of the lack of any current major wars?

(Nevyn Auscent) #34

Passive mining allows control of moons via super fleets who can respond to timers over several days. Active mining you have to actually.control the space day to day, which is fine by me.

What would you think if it came in highsec in combination with anyone not in the anchoring corp/alliance going suspect. As that way you can’t hide your moon miners in an NPC corp and keep them safe. No ACL means it’s both a good and a bad thing for corps in highsec, and it’s not a safety buff that way.

Regardless, that secondary index is higher than it’s ever been and moving fast, and the primary is also pretty high and moving fast as well.

(Ezra Endashi) #35

Please add to Provi block these sov holders:
Central Omni Galactic Group - 523 members
Care Factor - 432 members
Coalicion Hispana - 294 members
In da ouarp - 135 members


(Forum Posting Alt) #36

Thanks for the extras, updated above :slight_smile:

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(Lord Kalus) #37

Your ideas are terrible. Please never be in charge of anything at all. Thank you.

(Rivr Luzade) #38

I would love to see from the data who actually moon mines better moon materials in particular. I bet a ton of ISK on that it’s mostly the big blocks and no one else. In the past also smaller groups could hold somewhat valuable moons and profit from them (my old alliance owned some Hafnium moons in Syndicate for a while), which is now nearly impossible.

Considering this and the fact that moon towers regularly resulted in fights in particular in low sec over these towers, I do not believe that passive moon mining is bad.

I also do not see where more varied interference potential to moon mining in addition to the still happening active mining would be anything bad. Judging by your comprehensive and well written message, you seem to have a deeper understanding on these matters than I do.

I also do not see how removing infinitely respawning ore anoms in favor of exclusive moon mining or asteroid belt mining to limit the uncontrolled mineral influx and to spread miners out more is a bad thing. But again, you seem to have a deeper understanding on the matter.

I yield before such incredible knowledge and genius.

(Lord Kalus) #39

Considering that of the big blocs yours mines the least of them all, this is probably true. How many days have you run your own mining fleet for 10 hours straight, I wonder? Your coalition is one of the reasons passive moon mining was removed. I wouldn’t count on your appeals for it to be put back in to work out. As for disrupting current moon mining, I believe athanors that are reinforced pause their timers, so you already have an avenue to do so through the method PL seems to prefer most: shooting things.

(Rivr Luzade) #40

Have fun reinforcing an Athanor into hull timer, which is when it pauses the extraction, in null sec. Tell me how it goes under super cap umbrellas. Or did you potentially mean to shoot weakly defended Athanors? Well, then you are the reason why Nevyn posted his suggestions in the first place.

But again, your understanding on the matter must be more comprehensive than mine, so I yield before your expertise.

(Lord Kalus) #41

That is where your expertise goes beyond mine. Surely PL, as a group who wrote the book on taking down supers, can come up with a tactic that works for that issue.

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