Monthly Economic Report - October 2020

Whats the inside of the pod look like. Whats it feel like when your sitting in the seat and looking out the window while flying?

EVE 2 is the only way CCP could pull any of this off. New game with new ideas wont piss people off as much as changing a 20 year old relic.

CCP copy Elite Dangerous? You read the reviews on Steam? The worlds in ED are generated by algorithms, they have to be due to the huge number and players are saying once you walk on 2-3 worlds the thousands of others are all the same structures, same look and feel. There’s a phrase being bandied about for ED, “The gameplay it’s a thousand miles wide and just an inch deep.”. I play EvE simply because I played Elite back in the 1980s, EvE is the true progression of Elite, while ED is cheap rip-off of the classic Elite ideas.


There’s no seat and no window in a pod…

Breaking up your playerbase in order to compete with your own product is never a good idea.

The existence of EVE Echoes already brings a shiver down my spine when I imagine what might happen in the future if it becomes more profitable than EVE.

No need to include a new live service competitor when, as you stated multiple times by now, there’s already other games out there to play.


EDENCOM got rewarded during the Invasion, the DED LP store and the 2 weeks of farmable highsec flashpoints.

Elite Dangerous is not a perfect game but it does have things about it that are awesome and would be awesome in a open world space sim. Copy the game %100? Not at all but it has elements that should be part of every space sim game. Just like the other games I mentioned, they all have things about them that are awesome and belong in all space sim games.

Take the asteroid belts in Elite Dangerous, they have belts that are kind of like they are in EVE but they also have mining in the rings that go around the planets. Cool stuff if you have never seen it or flew in it. Just like No Man Sky and Star Citizen, they too have things about them that are awesome. They both have nailed flying from space to a planet and back to space again.

I’m not sure why some are so bitter about using their imagination to come up with ideas to create the most realistic space sim game.

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CCP has been breaking the spirit of their player base for a long time. Hell I remember when CCP manipulated the price of Trit to lower it under 7.0 and now they are back at it trying to drive the price up. EVE market is all player base and that is one of EVE onlines greatest traits. Not one of the games i mentions can host as many people in one system Like EVE can and thats another great trait of EVE online. Do I want EVE to be exactly like any of the games i said, absolutely not. Do I think those games have some great traits that belong in the best space sim game ever, absolutely.

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The blackout was a very successful good idea. It was a temporary event designed with certain objectives in mind. Clearly bots cried the most about it. Your rude talk about getting smacked in the face and being ready to fake data in the “best communist tradition” is your frustrated imagination.


Yes, he should have used ‘in the best CCP Tradition’ instead’ since CCP have had a long history of lying to the player base and spreading misinformation. The numbers being off isn’t new, it used to be that you’d have 4k accounts already logged in the moment the servers went up. It’s also not really indicative of actual game health at this point, since a large number of those are probably F2P accounts.

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It’s not like people sit there spamming the log in button or anything…
Pretending numbers you don’t like are CCP manipulation is just silly


Thanks for getting this to us! :smile:

Sounds pretty much like Real Life, when braindead new Management Teams come in and have to Do Something to get promoted. The latch onto the latest ‘Fearless Leader’ theory, which always seems to be the Case Study for What NOT to Do, but they’re gone and the Remainers have to pick up the pieces.

CCP seems dedicated to creating a game where the ‘content creation’ is merely the players fighting each other, and all CCP has to do is sit back and staff a Billing Dept.

No Creation but Faciitated Destruction, no end point but squeezing the turnip harder and harder.

This would actually be the correct approach to EVE Online since destruction fuels demand for production. If no one ever fired a missile, why would people invest in producing missiles?

Covid bump not as large as expected, however. But nice to see a plateau like that for a good 6 month period.

What was the expected amount?

With players who openly admit to botting on hundreds of accounts how does anyone still think login numbers mean anything? Unique logins mean something, multibox logins mean the game is choking.

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What does this have to do with server population?

Do you have proof that there is a significant number of “multibox logins” that are “choking” the game? Or are you just spewing things out your ass again?

When CCP gives us honest data on unique logins vs multibox logins, then we can make conclusions, until then kids like you and realists like me can only speculate.

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lmao, okay kid