Monthly Security Report - July 2019

22,000 accounts banned for cheating! Go Team Space Police!!


Big thumbs up CCP, please keep this up.
MOREDOT on the BOTS - Can you tell wow classic went live? :slight_smile:

Isn’t Kusion alts CODE enforment related? I suspect a salty miner at work here. Just buy a permit and observe The Code.

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Yes, ban all tricks, that’s how simple you think. Why don’t you say get in front of the trick? Don’t think straight, please go a little deeper. There is a big difference between banning cheaters and preventing them from cheating. Prevent the trick if it comes to your business.

I wish I could believe you really fought the boots. You’re the one who allowed 10 acc to open on the client, and you’re the one who opens the botting. Instead of telling tales to people here, how about sharing the real facts with us? Can I offer you a simple solution? Reduce the number of characters that the client can open, then if you can’t do it yourself, agree with a good security company and integrate robust anti-cheat software into the client. I don’t know how much income these will bring to your business, in which case you will be deprived of the plex money of the extra accaounts.
When many game revenues are low he has created such cheating programs and has sold them on different sites. You only want destruction and only support piracy. If people could do it with high security, and if you could do it, then they wouldn’t have to land on low security systems. If there was an equal distribution of income, no system would be empty. They provided security that you did not knowingly provide in high-security systems, in a coordinated manner in null, and you therefore waged war on them. You’re not coming for the boots. You’re waging war on players. If my English was good enough, I would have written more than this, sorry for my bad english.

Hey miner, check some of his videos to see how wrong you are:

Thanks for protecting the markets and upholding the EULA terms. I am not a big fan of the cyno changes I have read about. I pay for three accounts just to be able to move my stuff around. I feel like I have been punished for running missions for years to earn the isk to buy the skills to pilot a capital ship. As soon as I was able to properly fit my carrier it was nerfed. The jump fatigue and amount of jumps it took to get to Cobalt Edge was almost as painful as living in Cobalt Edge :stuck_out_tongue: so many years ago… Now to punish the groups that have the N+1 advantage you only punish the small groups or single member guy that wants to enjoy a warm cyno as he prepares for his cyno ship and pod to be destroyed…

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Credit where credit is due. A very enjoyable read. I look forward to the monthly updates.

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