Moon blocking

Im kind of curious to know whats stopping big alliances from now blocking every moon with the new refiners, as they only require fuel if they are running, but they don’t need to be running to take up the moon mining spot.

Try and take one and your dealing with huge super fleets that no small corp can hope to contend with. i know that i am thinking of worst case , but knowing some Alliances there is a possibility of this happening.

Same as it ever was

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no it isn’t because before if you had a pos holding a moon, you needed to make sure that pos was fueled in order for its defenses to work, the same is not true with citadels and refinery’s.

They do not need fuel to take that spot, which means that they dont need the logistics that made it impossible to have so many moons that you could stop production.

Unmanned citadels don’t shoot back either. Doesn’t change the “response fleet” part of the OP which is the point being made and is the same then as it is now. It isn’t about the structure defenses or the fuel which don’t really matter to the same groups being concerned with.

Yeah, no real difference.

The biggest driver as always will be the value of the moon.

I think the OP’s origin point is that a dead stick didn’t get a ref timer.

Much ado about nothing.

Why are people going to block worthless moons? They weren’t blocked in the past and there’s no reason to suspect people are suddenly going to start just because the type of structure changes.

its not about blocking worthless moons , its about blocking and not mining the moons. he who controls a thing can destroy a thing, imagine the whole of moon mining controlled by 2 or 3 alliances.

Upwell 2.0 will be introducing reduced HP for structures not using fuel, as well as bypassing of the armor layer. Still a few months away, but the fix is coming.

Neither will a “dead” citadel, with the changes coming to Structure Mechanics. Offline Structure will skip the Shield timer and thus you can chew through both shield and armor in a single session.

There still will be a reinforce timer between the armour and hull though and will require you to come back another day, unlike today with unfueled POSes can indeed be completely exploded in a single session.

But so what OP? If you want a moon then go shoot the blocking structure. One reinforce timer is nothing compared to your time commitment you will be entering into by deploying your own structure. Even if there were no reinforce timer, you still would have to deal with those “huge super fleets” coming to take the moon back.

This hardly seems like a significant change from the status quo.

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