Control Tower Blocking Moon

So I was helping some buddies in December try to defend their athanors and their 7 moons, but it didn’t work out. However, something happened and for one reason or another, a group that made up 70% of the attackers aren’t going to help the group that actually wanted to tear down the structure. It was hoped with local numerical superiority, anchoring one on the best of the R32 moons (don’t ask me how one R32 can be better than another when they have the same type of R32) would be desirable.

The only problem was there was a small control tower there and I don’t know why, but that needed to go. It was put into reinforcement and 8 hours later, my buddies decided this week wasn’t the best time to fight off 30 guys. In February, it was noticed there was a medium control tower there. And someone said they think this is now nothing more than a trap since there are now blaster and ECM arrays.

So ummm… what are these guys even doing? I get some people like to take moons by force. I also get some people like to wreck structures just because it is fun. What’s the point in wrecking an athanor to set up a control tower? It is a low sec system with an NPC station with repair facilities and manufacturing, so if they wanted some place to put ships, the NPC station is safer. Whatever these guys are doing, they want it badly enough that they are fueling the POS and bothered to anchor some arrays.

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Why don’t you just kill it and anchor a structure in its place then?


I asked them why they couldn’t just remove it like how they tried to remove the previous control tower, and they said the anchoring of blasters and batteries and the force recon in local meant this smelled like a trap. They’d be willing to take a fight if there wasn’t a high chance of logi being constantly jammed. I have no idea why these guys even anchored a control tower since reaction arrays don’t even work anymore and while a POS can be a “super safe” for ships, as I said there is an NPC station.

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Theyre looking for content over the moon. They know you and your friends want to mine it and so they have put in a blocker tower that will guarantee a fight at their time of choosing in RF cycles. Its also low cost and of little consequence if they run into someone bigger than they are to lose.

Welcome to Eve. We do it because we can more often than not.


Isn’t that obvious? A POS defends itself automatically and is quite hard to crack for a small fleet. It can disable a good part of any attckers logi wing, making the fleet vulnerable for a hotdrop. So, they know you want the moon and they are not willing to let you have it for free.


There’s a chance kids nowadays don’t even know how to properly set all the settings and get ewarred by their own pos when they ‘spring the trap’. If the POS responds properly to begin with.
I used to loose alts occasionally to my own pos’s and had a decades experience with them.

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What about fuel?

someone who can probably hotdrop you gives a **** about fuelcosts for a tower. They would anchor 10 towers if they see the chance to curbstomp a little pos-shooting fleet into the ground with that.

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I remember one time some guy was talking about how fraternity tried to anchor a Fortizar in 2020 and after 7 failed attempts, they then started trying POSes and the guys trying to keep them out had many players who didn’t know how to find control towers. Or that they can shoot back.

And then one of the control towers set up had its settings wrong and started indiscriminately jamming everyone in range. Someone had to man the batteries. I wonder what happens if your POS settings are wrong and start shooting everyone, you take over say… an ECM battery and aim at something else and then the FC orders something tackled so you swap to a warp disruption one. What happens to the battery you just unmanned?

In the end Fraternity got their tower anchored and did whatever they wanted in the system (in was in querious I think?). I think they should have tried Forizar number 8, but the guy who wrote it from their enemy’s perspective thinks they switched tactics to try to anchor something in an odd hour quickly. I still wonder what happened in the battle with the POS on the wrong settings, no one of the fraternity side wrote about it and the guy who talked about it just assumed it was set to jam everyone since it jammed people trying to help fraternity… and even fraternity corps that were not the corp that anchored it.

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I find it amazing how people who continuously spam post so much about what is bad about the game, tend to be entirely clueless on actual gameplay stuff.


I’m not saying this is bad about the game, I just don’t understand what they were doing since from my perspective… all they are doing is using fuel.

And if they wanted a fight, trying to plop an astrahus would grab a lot of attention.

No. They

  • get satisfaction: they are enforcing their will on you, just because they can. Obviously you can’t do much about it and they like that a lot.
  • get information: if you are not able to easily remove a medium POS, you surely cannot defend a Citadel if you ever place one. So they can mark you in their sheets with a big red crosshair (used for easy targets that you can safely farm).

I mean they could if the stront was just set to the right time… only a good 7 hour window when the entire fleet can form up and it’s clear from the small tower that owners of the tower (now the medium tower) are Austrialains or Japanese or whatever.

Edit: thanks for the answer. I really was curious what the control tower owners wanted and now I have some idea

In EVE usually that translates to “can’t”.


My friends couldn’t be the first group that is confident fighting against a European group but don’t want to deal with Japanese.

Time zone control is a very useful thing for form ups and fight timers. If your enemies cant form up in a certain time zone it can be quite effective to put all your timers to that timezone so you can defend it easily.

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At least with a control tower, you can hope someone forgets to stront the thing… although given they remembered to do so with the small they probably didn’t neglet the medium one that replaced it.

The existence of this very thread alone probably was worth all the ISK for them that they’ve spent on fueling it. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


But I’m not even the owner of the old athanor. Or part of its corp. I’m just a friend of 3 of the line members who offered to show up and press f1 if they needed another pilot.

In fact, most of my friends from that group are of the older type from the pre-athanor days as opposed to the owners of the control tower, only a few of which have been around that long. When I asked my buddies these questions, they just had a laugh and said the control tower was annoying, but it was there to be annoying and acted like it was some inside joke.

So if they erected it to get content over the moon, that makes some degree of sense. I thought it was supposed to offer some utiltiy to the owners, but when it was pointed out just by being there it was enforcing the owner’s will on the locals, I understand that. But trying to get a post out of some confused guy who doesn’t even belong to the guys who want to put something up there… that’s a pretty long shot.

You are way overthinking this. Also sounds like trying to convince others really desperately.

It was put there to produce content of one type or another even if nothing else just to deny content and income from those trying to anchor on the spot. Nothing too complex or tailored for you personally about it or anything.

The type of content also includes anyone posting or posting on behalf of their friends even if later tries to convince everyone those friends who are absolutely not your alt either don’t mind the situation when based on what you wrote it clearly seems they do.

But anyway wasn’t my plan to get involved in depth just cracked a one liner to sum up why they might do it even if to you it seems pointless. For some ISK is constantly flowing and wasting it is just part of the game and nothing special.