Moon drill startup question

I’m having issues starting the moon drill on my Athanor. I have fuel and nothing is damaged but for some reason when I try to start my moon drill nothing happens. It doesn’t give me and error or tell me something is wrong, I just hit the start button and nothing happens. Is there something I’m missing? This is my first time trying to start it and I’m fairly new to structure management but all the videos and articles I’ve seen don’t show a step I’m missing.

Maybe it’s broken, there have been so many undocumented side effects with the havoc patch last week.

“Normally”, if the drill miner is installed, and the station is fully onlined - i.e. it is fuelled, has a core installed, the activation sequence has completed, and it wasn’t shot into invulenrability by wardeccers, diamon NPC, or other aggressors - the CEO can man the station, and left-click the drill miner, which will open up a moon ore extraction dialog, where the extraction date can be configured. Like the ore compression dialog, this dialog, too, can open in the background, so minimize or close the other windows before hitting the drill button.

Once the extraction date is configured, the CEO clicks the start extraction button, and the extraction begins. An entry to the corporation calendar will automatically be made for the extraction date, and by default configuration, all corporation members, including the CEO get a notification popup for the extraction.

The CEO can entitle other capsuleers to be able of manning the station and using modules installed on it using ACLs and roles. If you’re not the CEO but just someone entitled to operate the station, the station access ACLs might not have been setup correctly to authorize you to operate the drill.

CCP recently changed some sec status in gallentie space. Make sure you are

  • On a moon mining beacon

  • In 0.5 space. (Can ONLY moon mine in 0.5 space and lower)

  • Fuel, no damage (as you mentioned)

Beyond that it should work if you have a drill installed. If those requirements are met file a bug report and a GM will check it out.

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