Moon Mining 'After Effects'

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Further to watching the trailer for the ‘Lifeblood’ expansion.

The concept:

Excavating on this scale could theoretically have far-reaching consequences for the tactical environment of local system space. Tearing out sections of a moon could provide additional benefits and hazards. For example:

Sensor Shadows:

The excavated moon rock (prior to detonation) as it blasts free of its parent moon creates a sensor shadow following in its wake. All that micro-moon debris plays havoc with sensors. This shadow might make it more difficult to see / lock / track ships hiding in its area of effect.

The excavated moon rock (post detonation) might create stationary ‘super-sized’ asteroids, each with their own sensor shadow. These super-sized asteroids, if created, are dispersed across space in various patterns, creating tactical considerations, which favour both the attacker and any defender.

Controlling / mining / bookmarking of these asteroids, the distances between them and the sensor shadows they create, becomes a strategic consideration.

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