To The Mun! Envisioning the future

(Derp Durrr) #1

With more details emerging about the upcoming winter expansion, we are able to paint a picture of what is about to go down. Lets sum up the facts:

  • New structures incoming, fittings & all
  • Drillbits being introduced for moon fracking, POS harvesters phased out simultaneously
  • Drillbit beams up a chunk of moon, then player blasts it to a minable asteroid field
  • 20 new ores being introduced, new refining skills incoming
  • Moongoo no longer generated passively, requires miners on site
  • Mining impossible within tethering range but within range of defence systems
  • Moon compositions being reseeded (take out your scanners, we’re going on a field trip)

So far I’ve heard widely varying theories about whats about to happen.
some think this will introduce the next great war, others think this will make alliances more compact due to the raised effort of moon management.
Most think moon materials will spike at least for a month while there is no fresh supply aside from stockpiles.
the market is already responding in various ways.

what do you think is about to happen?
Are you prepared?

(TheGuy Akachi) #2

I think lowsec moon owners will be affected most by this, since before moon mining only required military defense. Now they will need to mine it them selves, or find someone to mine it for them.

Mining in a lowsec refinery’s moon belt would be safer than an average lowsec ore belt, since in theory someone could man the structure’s weapons. But I think that a ganker could kill a Hulk mining in a destroyer before the struture could get a lock. A skiff could last long enough, but we won’t know how well the new refineries will be at babysitting miners till it is out.

Nullsec this is kinda a non issue, since they already have miners out in null, especially in deep well guarded areas.

I’m sure multi-boxing Rorquals in null can match demand as soon as people start mining. But what might happen is an increase on the price of ore (and maybe ice too) since miners will now be more split in what they spend there time mining. Won’t be a big increase, but I think that there will be an increase.