MoonMining is broken, allows COMPLETE SAFETY TETHERING while mining

Roaming the region for hours. only people to be found in space are these dudes. mining on their vulnerable citadel.

for obvious reasons, i cannot engage. THANKS CCP!! GREAT DESIGN!

Can you explain the image to me? Are they actually tethered, or just nearby? The ranges wouldn’t necessarily indicate tethering to me (404km to citadel, ships ranging from 279km to 595km).

I don’t think you can get too upset about them mining with a citadel on grid. I mean that’s really MORE vulnerability than what we had before… as back then there were no ships on grid for moon mining.


They seem to be well out of tether range. So, not seeing the issue here… unless you are just mad that they appear to have support and a possibly manned station within range of the mining op. Not wanting to lose your… Cynabal?

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Yes, having s manned station on overwatch is tough. However, there is a wolf, Aug navy, and omen there. Given the added drones of those mining ships, this is not something you could easily solo even without a citadel. Sorry you didn’t find easy kills. However, the citadel was not the cause of that. This group looks well prepared, so look else where.


You can’t mine tethered with a covetor on an athanor, the rocks aren’t close enough. If some covetors are tethered its because there is a hostile in system.

The problem for the OP is that the citadel scram works because the citadel is vulnerable, and there is a frigate that can tackle him long enough to ensure the station locks and scrams him, which means he can’t play kiting online.

Also if he was willing to risk a trade he could easily kill 1-2 covetors solo.

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It is obvious, you were roaming solo and came across a prepared group. Find friends.

Btw, they aren’t even remotely close to being tethered so please go take the time to learn mechanics as you find friends to fly with you for next time.


Iirc, CCP devnotes said being tethered while mining would not be possible (working as intended) but that the Citadel might be able to offer defensive support to miners near enough to it (working as intended).


I am a noob and I can tell by the distances that they are not close enough to be tethered!
I don’t see anything broken here other than your expectations.

I am sorry but I won’t feel sorry for you because you didn’t find easy prey!
Roaming for hours to gank miners lol! I say grow some balls and go do something else.


U wot?


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