More active / fun mining ideers

Here is some of my ideers, feel free to share yours.
I might not use a tone of time, to make replays :wink:

A medim slot modul like Explorer have, that you can run evey x minute.
Where there is “mining calibration” mini game. That reward you with bigger mining yield or less time on your ming cycle for x minutes.
If you fail, you have to wait to the coldown of the modul are finishen to try again.
Or something bad will happen if fail.

Mining belts that spawn in a random shape, in line,sphere,half cicle, spread etc. So you have to plan your navigation.

Maby asteroid shoud contain less amount of ore, but there will be more asteroide to balance it out. This will encouage players to be more active, and feel more active when mining.

Mining sites in high sec you have to scan down, that contain a small amount of rare ore, but the sites is rat guarded.

Social design wh with only ore or gas or ice.

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