More custom colors in overview ICON

Hi thanks for the nice job your doing, as a person with bad eyesight I can hardly see the icons as is and definitly not the “yellow” change that appears as your waypoint, would reall really appreciate if you could make it so that you easily can change all icons and their colors.

Another request: Please make it so that you can select several BPC/BPO at once and right click activate … now we painfully go through hundreds of clicks just to manufacture instead of ONCE, you want the game to feel futuristic, I should be able to do this from my phone as well. So focus on bringing down all the clicking and making the game intuitive. +Add more control in app, market orders, industry, contracts.

Some play eve on Ipad through using desk to desk applications but it works horrible. Now that your in with Microsoft could you iterate on IOS so we can get a client on the Ipad (they are quite powerful nowadays).

Couldnt help myself…
Thanks Mala

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