More Female Villains

Being male, I feel discriminated against in Eve Online. The reason being? 100% of the major villains of New Eden are male. Why is Eve Online male centered when in fact we know the better?

There should be an uprising amongst the pirate corporations that sees several new pirate corporations emerge. All of the emergent pirate corporations would be ran by females. Eve Online should truly be an equal opportunity to spread as much Pirate NPC f*ckery as possible.

Yes, I am having a moment, come with me and you’ll be, in a world of pure f^ck around and find out.

Sansha, Zack, The Corelli and every single girl in a pirate corporation in New Eden wants to rage their own special way…and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The new female led Pirate NPC corp would be similar to the Guristas and Angel corporations that you are able to join.

I seriously do believe that having female pirate leaders will bring more girls to the game, because as it stands now, the sausage party has got to go.

Time to let the War Pigs out.

…CCP laughing spreads its wings.

Because I truly feel that more girls should be empowered to join a female led NPC corporation or female led NPC Pirate corporation, because its just the correct thing to do.

I stand with NPC Female Pirate Leadership…change my mind.

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Nah. Blizzard has been wrecking males for a few expacs now and mary sue’ing some females to lead and its not brough in the massed female populations lol.

Be happy eve has lore maies who are competent even as villains. Blizzard over the years…went on the men are stupid and ineffective fotm plot device. that be hero and villain…at least they are fair there.

But if they did this…CCP don’t go “morally grey”. Research how the wow player base didn’t take to Sylvanas crap when blizzard tried this. It did not end well at all imo. Writing better than danuser…CCP you can do it. Hell 12 monkeys randomly typing high off acid could really…


I like that name…lets shovel some more coal into this New Eden engine. Because someone on Earth once had the idea of New Eden. That same train that snaked through the tall mountains, during the night, tooting its horn. Waiting for the enemies 88 millimeter shell to zero in on the engine.

Yeah, we got that train through.

We’ll get this train through as well.

It’s called NPC Pirate Equality. You can’t deny a female leading an NPC Pirate or NPC corporation that engages in-game conflict.

All we have fought against in New Eden is the male intellect.

It’s only fair to experience NPC female intellect leading ships on the battlefield.

How do you figure that? Do you think that women are so simple-minded that they would play a game only because their gender is represented by NPC female pirates?
That’s not equality, that’s downright insulting.

How eloquent.
sausage party (plural sausage parties)

(slang, derogatory) A gathering with many more men than women.

If you want to play a game with more women in it than men, here are a few suggestions.

No need to throw derogatory language about men to make a point about, of all things, equality.

EVE is only male-centered in your head. There already are lots of female NPCs in the game and players can choose their gender. A few female pirate NPCs aren’t going to make a difference in player numbers and I will have you know something: women already play EVE.

Yes I unblocked you. Don’t make me regret it.


The Guristas corp is led by a woman :stuck_out_tongue:

There is no way I am employing irony and sarcasm in this posting.

If woman were so low intelligence as some male assume it would be quite reasonable to replace them by artificial wombs, wouldn’t it?

If woman were so low intelligence as some male assume it would be quite reasonable to replace them by artificial wombs, wouldn’t it?

Some men have done that or at least tried to.

No, women need to have more governorship in New Eden.

A place where women can be women without the men poking about telling them how to run ops and the like.

If Eve Online had a few female governed NPC corporations, more female players might join Eve Online Female players that could occupy space that is hardly ever ventured into. That would include High, Low and Null and Wormhole space.

Depending on your allegiances, there are plenty of female “villians”. Guriastas is lead by Ezri, both the Gallentean President and GalMil leader are female, CalMil’s leader is female, Amarr Empress Catiz/Jamyl, Intaki Syndicate’s leader Sylphi, EDENCOM and Trig’s leaders. Minmatar have plenty of political and terrorist leaders who are female. Looking at Caldari’s CEP, there are women representing some of the megacorps.


Proposing more female NPCs so more women play the game is an assumption that you made. You seem to think that women have low intelligence.
And what in the world do artificial wombs have to do in this discussion??

What are you? A White Knight? Women don’t need you to advocate for them. They manage just fine.

I haven’t read any complaints about that. And what do know what women need? Maybe they need your help like a fish needs a bicycle.

So you expect CCP to spend dev time on might? Have you ever run a business? Did you work with might or certainly ?

I asked you and will ask again

How would know what they’d want to do? What if they all stayed docked and play the Market, or Hypernet, or scam players, or spam local, or rob corporations?

All you have so far is might could, maybe, shoulda woulda coulda… there is nothin to warrant your thread. You’re fumbling in the dark, throwing crap on the wall and hope some of it will stick.

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I like this idea . . . a lot.

For the female of the species is more deadly than the male. - Rudyard Kipling

I will bring it up with CCP


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I mean, technically we got a female villain with the recent Deathless stuff. The Caldari Navy defector that ran to the Guristas (and turned out to be a planted spy?).

Thanks for the vote of confidence.

We need to have stories involving good females and bad females where females are in charge of the destiny of the NPC corporation.

The words that stay on the prophecy written, here in the cave of Eve.

What was sundered and undone,
Shall be whole,
The two made one,
One a dark shard,
One a light shard,
By hand in hand,
or by none,
The way home,
Shall begun.

I’m going to assume you’re trolling, because you’d have to be daft to believe this. EVE will never achieve a high percentage female population as it is because the game itself isn’t appealing for the majority of women.

Are there women who enjoy EVE? Sure, but they’re the minority.

If you want more women in EVE then the game needs to fundamentally change. There’s a reason why certain games and media content have the demographics they have.

What can be done?

Puzzles. Women dominate the demographics for puzzle games.
Mobile options with fast gameplay loops (5-10 min play sessions.)

  • like it or not, women are the primary caregivers for small children. Having a game where you can lose your ship if you get called away to deal with issues is not going to endear yourself to this demographic. A game mode that allows you to set it down and then return to it later at your convenience and doesn’t take large amounts of time to complete objectives though? That’s something that can be worked with, and has been proven to be popular with this demographic.

Non-spaceship gameplay. Spaceships are inanimate objects and generally lack the human aspect that women tend to find more appealing. This could be changed a bit, if CCP were to make use of the volumetric cloud tech they have to create 3d overlay skins… to effectively turn your ship into a kitten or other small fury animal, but I doubt CCP wants to do that.

  • Other than that, game mode options ccp could focus on would be to incorporate sims style gameplay.
  • Officers and crew for your ships, employees for pi facilities, residents for a simcity module for the game.
  • Planet side and in station gameplay where you can see your character.
  • More customization options for clothing.
  • Clothing that actually matches (the default options are generally terrible and there aren’t a lot of quality premium replacement options.)

Fully voiced epic arc questlines that take advantage of every vomit inducing bachelorette / soap opera trope that exists.

  • I’m kind of trolling with this one, because while I think it would be popular with women, I’m not entirely sure the women who are drawn to EVE would care much for it, and I’d prefer the money be spent on improving the existing mission system, and using ai voice overs to flesh out the rest of the pve content within the game.

Cooperative gameplay. Things like Homefronts are a good start, but we need easier ways to onboard people into this content.

  • If a person could go to one of these sites as a solo, and then see other people doing the content, and join up with them to do more of it, that would transform Homefronts into a tool for cooperative social interaction. That doesn’t mean the current content would necessarily need to change, but there could be some bridgehead Homefronts, that could serve as gathering places for people to form teams to tackle more difficult content. Frigate Homefronts could serve as a similar onboarding platform.
  • Easier social interaction. All the fw voice chat channels are in locked discord channels. If you want to get into a fleet with fw people, and be on coms with them, you first have to go through a vetting process. All those extra steps are useful for opsec, but they also put artificial barriers in place when all someone wants to do is join a casual fleet.

There’s more changes that could be made I’m sure, but don’t think you can just make some lazy changes and it will have a major impact in how many women will be interested in EVE. The game will need some fundamental changes at a core level if you find it important to change the demographics of the participants.

As for the “need” for more female leaders: I think in general if we find plotlines involving characters like Esri Hakuzusu or Rán Kavik, they should be plotlines that actually make sense for the lore of the setting, not out of some arbitrary need for representation. Pigeonholing characters or plot devices into places they don’t belong, is the fastest way to destroy a franchise.

Even Disney isn’t immune to this fundamental principal, and CCP isn’t anywhere near as big as Disney. So if CCP wants to try their hand at some ill-advised corporate activism, they’ll find they burn much faster than the other examples of poor business sense in recent years.

Also… keep an eye on Iris (the evermark AI girl.) I have a feeling she’ll be unleashing hell in a few years.


Wholelhearty agree here. Eventually it needs some kind of personal tachikoma like companion to get a slight taste of personal bond.

And what a better way to change Eve Online from being a pure rohk fest to a balanced, rohk and zephyr game.

Why The F*ck would I want to play against a woman who likes Fully voiced epic arc questlines that take advantage of every vomit inducing bachelorette / soap opera trope that exists.

Dude this is Eve Online…I’m talking Harley Quinn,

Yeah, pets are pretty popular in mmos. I could certainly see some sort of holographic pet system that follows your ship around, or something more traditional when the character part of the game gets fleshed out.

Maybe you don’t, but that’s irrelevant. The post effectively was about what CCP wants to do.

CCP put out that diversity email a few months back and they had an “inclusivity” panel at fanfest, so it’s clearly something they’re interested in.

The point of my post is effectively to say, if CCP wants something, they need to do the things that achieve that goal.

Doing surface level things like “more female leaders” and expecting a result from them is a waste of resources. It wont achieve the goal, and risks annoying the core player base.

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No, if CCP wants something, the subscribers have to come forward and bring the content for CCP.

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Or an Aura counter commenting holographic personal AI that can be modified.:wink:

Yeah, Aura should be able to be personalized. It shouldn’t be too hard to let the character creator do that. Omega could store the setting on the server, and alphas could just set it up for local. (Or it could just be an omega only feature.)

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