More Mid Slots CCPlease

Dear CCP , add three mid slots to every ship and 500 gigajoules also.
Oh, and also, make every ships’ alignment at 0.2, please.
I expect that on the next update, thank you.


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Cant tell if low effort troll or unironic idiocy



If it’s a Han post, it’s a mix of both.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


stop pressing the “Board my Corvette” button :crazy_face:

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But Amarr ships need more midslots actually.

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All ships need these REMOVED not added

Very true… All the ships need them, though.

But WHY?!? The more modules the merrier I say!

I have a reputation to uphold, dammit!

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Why does it only work once?!? :thinking:

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scarcity man, scarcity

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I mean, you already know.

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