С какой целью ты постишь тут эту ерунду?

And you click once, Karl.

Я не считаю это ерундой. Не можешь разговаривать вежливо? Ну и не лезь сюда.

And you take 5 minutes, Jonathan. I am an adult. I have a life. I dont want to take more time to do the things I love. That is stupid.

Why 5 minutes then? You click once and the skill becomes level 2. Once again, the skill becomes level 3. Once again and already level 4. Once again, this is already level 5.
And if not enough, then the strip is not painted over to the end. And if you raise from level 2 to 3 and you don’t need more, you click once. And do not look at what you need exactly 3489 and do not enter 3489 as a captcha! When the same newcomers distribute their million starting points, what do they do? They do not enter 1,000,000 in one place. They enter dozens of weird numbers. 1250! 250,2439, 5172! 16000! 24000! Because everything is distributed without unnecessary excess. Well, why is this? When can I press +. That you enter 2,000,000 in one place. There are not many of them.
Do you think pilots remember all these strange sets of numbers? Or enter approximate numbers? No, they are being introduced gradually. First 250. Then 2439. Then 7000 for example. Enter, enter, enter, enter - captcha. Although it would be possible to press + and not memorize the strange numbers taken from the sky.

What if I only want to apply 200,000 skillpoints? Not enough to get to level 5, but close.

Under your system, I cannot.

Do you think pilots can read?

It tells you how many skillpoints is necessary.

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I understand you, I had a character in the red alliance a long time ago, being the only non-Russian it was fun.

in my system you click 4 times and have level 4 skills + not fully painted strip to lvl 5. Bt you really click 3 times and have some SP to insert in other small level skill.

I meant that no one remembers that a level 2 skill with an initial cost of 250 costs 2829. And that means you need to enter 250 first, then 2589 to get 2829. And beginners do it all! And many do so after.
So can you explain to me the need for this captcha? What exactly do the numbers mean, what is this lore? Is there a historical need for this explosion of fantasy? Is there a technical one?
Or in this way protect us from insanity? Like if we repeat the numbers, the brain will become more square? Or is this a new type of arcade? “Repeat number” sounds fun?

It seems to me that this is just as necessary for the game as the 5th leg of the dog.

Everything is a little easier. We have several terrible trolls sitting in the Russian forum thread. They insult every person in every new topic. When they complain and get banned (for a while) they change their account. Therefore, there were few people left on the Russian forum, and those who were too accustomed to biting and could not speak normally. Although I annoy many with my poor knowledge of English, it is in the English-language forum that I can normally discuss different ideas. And I find help here in solving problems sometimes. In addition, here I meet a completely normal, European attitude, they communicate calmly here.
ps Well, I improved my English a bit by communicating here.

And my congratulations about capital ships 5 )

No, EVE is just a game.


If i only wanted to apply 200,000 skillpoints, out of 256,000, what happens then?

You dont have to. it tells you.


You enter the amount of skillpoints you want to apply.

If you want to apply the full amount to get to the next level, you can do that.

If you want to apply only half, then you can do that too.

Yes. Its how the mechanics was designed.

Again, no.

If I want to apply only 200 out of the 250 required for level 1, i can do that.

With your system, I cannot

I get more freedom under the current system.

what for? You need exactly level 1. And not 80% of the level that will not work. If you don’t have enough and for some reason you definitely want to spend it, press + and the bar will be painted over 200 out of 250. But you do not need to enter anything. You never need to enter 200,000. Usually numbers are something like 472358.

But you persistently want to press the mouse right key, select “add skill points”,read 3-6 digits,enter 6 digits, press enter, for each skill. Instead of one +

There are also many numbers inside the computer. 01 10 But you see the image and the fonts of your language. And do not enter a binary code instead of a letter. Strange, huh? It’s so convenient.

If you have 2 skills you need to train to level 5, and both require 200,000 Skillpoints each, but you want to decrease the time for both skills, and only have 150,000 unallocated skillpoints and you want to put exactly 50,000 in one, and 100,000 in the other, what do you do?

There is also many numbers on the screen. But only 1 number needed to enter in order to get to the next level. Easy, huh? Even a 10 year old can do that. Surely you are smarter than a 10 year old?

What for? Why not include one skill at level 3 and another at 4? After all, your 50,000 and 150,000 will give only 3 and 4 working skills. They will not give 3+. And if for some reason (why?) You need an extra 5000 in a strip that will not give anything, you can raise the skills to levels 3 and 4 and press the last time + and get as much shaded strip as you need. What are you counting on these numbers? Do you need to go or the inscription that a taxi?

It does give something. It decreases the time to finish.

Lets say, you are skilling something that needs another 8 hours to finish. Tomorrow, you want to start a different type of skill that requires different attributes in order to maximize skilling time. So you will be re-mapping your attributes tomorrow.

But, you can only log in tomorrow, after 20 hours.

You dont want to waste 8, or 12 hours, but you can live with 2-3 hours. So you apply the skillpoints enough to decrease the wait time to 2 hours, and remap now. You dont want to finish the skill, because you dont want to waste Skillpoints incase you need it later.

So, how do you apply only 6 hours worth of skills under your system?

In my system, you simply press + on the previous skill, it will be completely painted over and start the next one right away. And in another, which is not so needed, invest less. In my opinion, what you write about may be needed very rarely. And while most pilots and all beginners are forced to repeat the captcha. Enter captcha a millions times because of the opportunity that is needed 30 times ?? And without which you can do. I’ve never used it in a year of play. In addition, CCP can leave the old ability to enter numbers, just add + and - to the interface. End the discussion.

Most people need to apply skillpoints very rarely to begin with.

And need to apply them 30 times even rarer.

Do you need to enter captcha 30 times a day?

During the events? More often. I have many alts.

Well look, even the English have a hard time with English, I failed English in high school and I’m from British Columbia and I only speak English. :rofl: it’s not an easy language unless your born into it. But it does get easier if you use it. :smirk: