Greetings. MORE THAN JUST A GAME: THE LINK BETWEEN EVE ONLINE AND THE REAL WORLD article is similar to awareness. Maybe thoughts of responsibility? After all, the topic is serious. Many game-addicted people choose this game to replace the game with real life. Real achievements will be replaced by game ones. Forever, for a single life. Feel the responsibility? It is not simple. And I will say that you can do so that conscience does not pester too much. It is necessary to make the game more significant, so that the actions become more important. Let’s start small - the interface. Take a look at children’s game SWTOR. In it, in the launcher, you can choose, for all accounts at the same time, which questions to ask and which not. Not for everyone individually, but for all at the same time. If only the game was just installed. A lot of work has been done, but you can do even better. You need to consider the actions of the players as having value. You need to save their time. So that they have time to play, and in real life have time. It is necessary to remove meaningless movements, to make it shorter, more concise. Reduce pauses at boot. Simplify working with skills to + and -. And much more. Responsibility means that you don’t have sheep clicking millions of times without a goal. And the pilots achieve serious goals.
Also, learning the game is still not very good. Articles on the site are not bad. But you need to collect them into a book and make the beginner read it all, or at least half.

The rest - keep it up! Thank you for your work! :heart_decoration:
Postcryptum: I hope you develop a swarm that will land on the planets and eat them. And if they do not interrupted, then grow. SWARM is more fun than triglavians. Or maybe the drones will finally wake up? :parrot:

What on earth are you talking about. Your post is now responsible of giving me an aneurism.

Maybe better sentence structure, paragraphs, and also maybe clear up what the hell you are talking about?


I’ve been playing EVE for about 6 years now. Made a ton of friends along the way. 10/10 would keep playing.

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i couldnt get past his caps lock starter. Me NeEd NeW BrAiN

I could get past that but still can’t get anything out of the post other than that there seems to be a user experience issue with having too many key presses to get things done.

Yes you are right. There are redundant and repetitive actions with the interface.Confirmations, checkboxes, small drop-down menus, instantly turning on chat blinking, non-disconnecting corporate chat and help chat with a new account and much more. All this takes time.

I recommend a high-performance 32х core brain from AMD. Increased heat will be a nice bonus - it is not necessary to fry eggs before eating!

We know.

Some clinically insane people play this game …

SWTOR is not a childrens game lol, anyway, launcher, you can add as many accounts as you want to launch, just add each account to your launcher, yes you must input your details (first time adding) no different than any other game and you can select to have them launch with out asking for passwords.

My English is not very good, but you can understand. Write better. People immediately come into any topic to tell how bad I am. Why don’t you come in to write something on the topic theme??

In complexity, this is a children’s game. There you never die and you lose nothing. This is a game for children on schedule. Take a look at these anime weird armor. And the plot is a children’s game.

Right! I can add a lot of settings for many accounts! And they will create many folders. And if I reinstall the system, I just rewrite the 1 GB folder from the cloud. Nothing unusual. And it would be possible to limit 20 checkboxes in the 1 launcher. And by the way, I will always minimize corporate chat on all accounts, because it is impossible to disable it. And sometimes something will get off and the windows will again be transparent or blink. Yes, everything is fine! Only time is not enough for these dances.

Maybe it has to do with the fact your post is hard to decipher thus not even clear what you try to communicate which means the very subject of the thread is not clear as a result. If you constantly get such reactions then “maybe” the problem is You and not everyone else around you? You could help yourself if you’ve took the time and effort to improve your language skills to can better communicate.

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I had this feeling the article was written with very one-sided perspective. CCP PR at its best perhaps.

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I agree. I learn a little, but I do not have very good abilities in learning. It is strange that the translator does not help much. However, some people tell me what they understand. So it works. For example, when we discussed missiles, no one discussed my skills. We discussed missiles. I do not think it is completely impossible to understand short sentences. It seems someone likes to exaggerate the problem.

Need to pronounce new knowledge. If something is created until we discuss it, we cannot move on. This is, as it were, a fantasy field into which we enter. It seems to be an attempt at awareness, an attempt at development. I do not quite understand how much the game can go into real life. Maybe it can develop further. After all, I am not very immersed in the game.

I am talking only about the effectiveness of the interface. Such a serious game requires high efficiency.
For example, I have 40+ pilots in the corporation. Of these, only three people are real. Each pilot creates SP syringes. Each pilot produces modules. Each pilot research and copies drawings. At the corporate warehouse is 300+ drawings. And for each drawing, each pilot is forced to indicate where to get supplies and where to put them. How many times? So many times.

Although I would like to indicate once where for the entire corporation I have materials and where I want to put the modules.

This is not the first time I’m trying to say that the high efficiency of a huge game will increase if the pilots do not perform unnecessary actions.

Ok…it is obvious what has inspired OP:

It’s not the English…it’s the “ideas”

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Cannabis Absinthe?

That’s a wild hallucination and brain death twofer right there.

Where can I buy some?

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We make cooking knives, chef knives.

Someone used one of our knives in a murder.

Feel the responsibility?

Of course not. Crazy people will do crazy things and use whatever they use to accomplish their crazy goals.

The rest of society knows that cooking knives are for cooking, and not for stabbing your wife or parents.

Just as the rest of society knows that Eve online is a video game. We do not actually fly real ships. We are not actually immortal.

It is not CCPs fault that you confused eve for real life.

Oh, I get it. You just want things to take less time. You want to be able to click a single time and get 100 million isk, or train 10 skills ina single click. Okay.

Well, i dont know what to tell you, but you are correct in assuming that simplicity makes a game more child-friendly. Because children are stupid.

This game is rated T for teens and many adults play this game. It is more complex than hello kitty island adventure(though not necessarily more deep). There is no problem in making a game complex, if it is aimed towards players who like complexity. People enjoy flight simulators because of how real they emulate actual flight.

If you dont have the time to play eve online, okay. That’s fine. But dont come here faking stories about how people are replacing real life with eve. That is not CCPs fault, and it is dishonest to say that the developers are to blame.

If you have not noticed, an article by the ССР about the game is combined with real life. “MORE THEN JUST A GAME” man. This is just a saying of fact. An attempt to understood how much. After all, the article is optimistic. So there is responsibility. It can not be, there is always mutual penetration. Players affect the game, the game on the players. Of course, players have free will. But this does not relieve responsibility. I have already discussed this elsewhere on this forum.

I will give an example. When we extract the skill points, we right-click and select “extract.” For every skill, Karl. Although it would be enough to place + and -. When we get skill points from a syringe or from an event, we need to enter numbers. Although it would be enough to press +. What is the special “adult” difficulty you find in a set of numbers? Does this teach something? What does that mean? This is an unnecessary idea because nobody needs half-filled training strips. They are needed complete, whole, and we know which ones. But no, for some reason we read how many numbers you need to enter to fill this skill level. And then we type these numbers. We introduce captcha! The game is more than complicated.
She is huge. I work a lot in it. And I don’t need a hundred million per click. My working capital is several tens of billions.
I do not need unnecessary complications of simple actions. Do not invent an lore where it is not.

I’m talking about this. Developers improve the game - our capabilities improve. And in real life. The better the game, the more we have strong emotions and satisfaction from the time spent on the game. It will not work to prove that there is no liability. We all influence each other, friend.

Build on the facts. Thousands of people spend years in the game. Every day. It’s not just “people to blame”. Responsibility will be anyway. And I don’t see what exactly I said that which would be wrong with respect to the CCP. I am sure the developers understand that this is “more than a game.”

No, there isnt.

Not always. My friend went to jail for non-mutual penetration.

Yes, Jonathan.

Which is worse.

Press “+” down for 5 minutes.

Or Enter “2,000,000” into a box.

Which is faster.

Spend 5 minutes pressing “+” down.

Or spend 2 seconds entering “2,000,000”.

And I dont need 5 minutes holding “+” down.

I would rather, in 2 seconds, enter “2000000”.