Mortarian Decala - Wormhole Unity for CSM 14

I’m an FC and director of Wormhole Society, a PvP-focused C4 alliance, and a former Null and FW small-gang FC. My primary goal is to provide a voice for WH space in discussing prospective patches and mitigating the collateral damage brought on by changes to other areas of space. Furthermore, I will advocate for subcapital and capital ship rebalance and the support/revisiting of under-represented areas such as low sec and faction warfare.

Primary Goal:

  • Inform CCP of the impact potential patches would have on wormhole space, seeking to prevent collateral damage from changes targeted at other areas of the game.

General Goals:

  • Further sub-capital balance, including defining and communicating a clearer vision for the interplay between ship classes, especially in light of the new Triglavian ship line.

  • Re-evaluate the balance of power between sub-capital logistics ships and FAX, as well as mining vessels and Rorquals. Specifically in the areas of nerfing the cap-injected sustain of FAX and the nerfing or removal of the Rorqual PANIC module’s interaction with Cynosural Fields .

  • Change the current status quo of structure proliferation across all areas of space, promoting content generation that isn’t focused around timers or Rorquals.

Wormhole Goals:

  • Re-evaluate the risk-reward balance of capital PvE in high-class wormhole space through the use of better capital escalations and increasing the risk of fielding sub-capital ships, as well as closing the Astrahus farming loophole.

  • Incentivize the growth of C1 - C4 class WH space through increased site payouts, and decreasing the distance of NPC spawns in C4 PvE sites.

  • Rebalance industry and provide more outlets for the gas and T3 components that are found in wormhole space, improve loot tables for hacking sites, and alter the current layout of WH moons to make them reward the increased risk involved when compared to other areas of space.



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Why remove panic from rorquals? And what do you mean alter moons in WH space, how?

I think in general there have been mechanics implemented in Eve in semi-recent years that go against the core fundamentals that made Eve unique. Rorqual PANIC and asset safety I think are the core offenders in this regard, but specific to the Rorqual PANIC the core issue is it’s interaction with cynos. It provides way too much time to form a response against an attacker that otherwise took the defender by surprise.

Let me clarify that in the post though because I think the initial point may be misleading, thank you for pointing that out.

Edit - Sorry missed the last part of that question.

When it comes to moons in WH space there is an active deterrent to mining there over Null Sec due to an increased risk from ganks/interference and very mediocre moons more or less across the board. Couple that with the absence of ice belts and most industry minded people will pick the much safer and more lucrative lands of null when it comes to industry/mining.

As for specific ways to fix that, adding ice to non-shattered wormholes, seeding higher quality moons based on system class, increasing demand for the gases found in wormholes, and giving more outlets to T3 materials would be a start.