Mot Mot

I have no idea what a Mot Mot is, I know it’s not real, but every time I see that Mot Mot ad in station, I gotta have a Twix candy bar from the vending machine at work.


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Isn’t “mot mot” the breaking of kneecaps sound effect? :thinking:

Landlord: Pay your rent or I’m going to have to kick you out.
Tenant: Shuddup! I’m not afrai…* mot mot *

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I think the kneecaps would make a “Twix” sound.

What kind of landlord would kneecap a tenant for late rent? I’ve had some mean landlords in the past but this takes mean to PvP levels.


if there’s a fanfest next year, ccp should do a rebranding of an icelandic candy bar like they do with quafe. sure, the candy might be licorice-based, but it’s not too bad. hjup is surprisingly good, for example.

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Definitely a Minmatar landlord… those savages. :wink:


With the Caldari being a potential second.

True Amarr would never do that. They’d ask the Ammatar to do it.


It’s when you car fails its MOT the first time and has to have a second MOT.

( I suspect only Brits will get that one )

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You’re right. I had to Google that. :grinning:

This landlord:

(He is a mix of Minmatar and Caldari)

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Heeeeeere’s Lucy (Lucille)!

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