Cloaky afk camper giving us a hard time

I know, I know. The cloaky afk discussion.

However, atm we are dealing with a nerd in our system, that just wont leave. He is’ afk-cloaked in his covert ops ready to hot-drop when he pleases. This night he managed to get a Rattlesnake ratting. This guy is online 20 hrs a day (even tho we think he might be US TZ). This makes it very hard for us to get stuff done, as it’s quite a hassel to have a response fleet / counter-drop fleet ready every hour of the day in our small corp.

What shall we do to flush him out? But even if we somehow managed to bait him out, he’ll just be able to come back again.
Solutions; is there any?

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As you say, bait him or…
move to another system to do your stuff, if he moves with you move again, or catch him on gate.


Dont talk ■■■■ next time


Now I wanna know more


I would bait him. If you counter him a couple of times he will move on.

Excuse me what?

Popkhorne! Redhots! Get em while they are… Hot!


Depends on who you’re at war with, he could be assigned to your system and won’t move until he gets new orders. Are other nearby systems also camped?

The only thing you should be doing, drop everything and give that the attention, bait, tackle and annihilate.

  1. link killmails for evidence
  2. he’s not around all ■■■■■■■ day so wtf are you talking about, people have to sleep
  3. go somewhere else

are you renters?


Looks like they did a naughty and someone thinks they need manners.

  1. I’m not gonna link any KMs - no need to draw more attention to the area
  2. But he is logged in all day. You never know when he’s suddently active ready to drop on a rorq
  3. Sooo, are you and your corp willing to move all your sh*t if a guy did this to you? And esp when he can do it easily to you again as soon as you’ve moved?

We are part of an alliance.

Don’t know atm, but think he’s the only one camping. Our corp is about to join the alliance in the area, so i’m not sure, but don’t think we are at war. He’s just a normal nerd wanting to get a drop on someone.

Why in the world would I make this up? And I’m not gonna not going to link any KM’s. And you know why? Because if I do, sorry nerds like you would come and camp too.

And would you take sh*tty language and attitude out of here? I came asking a legit question and you start calling renters trash?

Yep he/she/it is renting


Probably ask yourself…

What’s with these homies, dissing my girl?
Why do they gotta front?
What did we ever do to these guys
That made them so violent?


You dont have to move everyothing out and settle elsewhere, but just go rat and/or mine in another system, then when he goes move back in, you just have to change your routine while he is there.

Why does he have to provide proof to you just so you can turn on him and slag him off even more. You are no one to him and he doesnt have to prove anything to you, he was asking a question for some advise, albeit on a hacked to death subject.

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he doesn’t have to and i’d not turn it against him. without any evidence he could as well just be the next princess whining about afk cloaking in yet another stealthy way. there’s an abundance of princesses in the main thread who’d happily tell you whatever it is that’s going to make you believe they’re poor victims of the mean cloaky camper. once you’ve read a few hundred posts of 'em you’ll understand why i’m asking for proof.

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I would say you have two solid options available to you:

  1. Bait him. It might take time to get it right but suddenly if he is risking losses by dropping you guys he might move onto another area where the people don’t organize and fight back.

  2. Try to figure out where he’s dropping from and keep eyes there.

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