Cloaky afk camper giving us a hard time

Clearly he is not afk…


Ask your rental landlord for use of another system that’s not taken.

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It’s okay.

@Brisc_Rubal said that CCP is finally acting to fix broken mechanics. This is evidenced by the HIC exploit fix and the broken ECM fix.

It only stands to reason they are going to look in to bumping and cloaky campers. Likely sooner than “soon.”

Have you tried to pay him off?

Have you tried to stroke him off his ego?



And a hard man is good to find any time :smiley:



and your corp is not in an alliance , and shows no rattle losses , so you can see why people would question your honesty when you contradict yourself and refuse to verify your claims . no matter , thing to do at this point is figure how to do what you want , despite a hostile cloaked in system . it’s part of living in null sec and ccp has stated no intention to change cloaking mechanics as they feel null sec is too safe already … adapt or die (or go back to empire)
this is your acid test . gl


If you can’t be bothered to assert your claim to the space, that’s your problem. Not his.

When he drops, you drop harder. If you can’t drop harder, you are entitled to nothing. If you can drop harder, you’re entitled to drop harder.

That’s it.

You’re not entitled to use the space, you’re not entitled to be safe in the space, hell you’re not even entitled to live in the space.

As you asked how to bait him:

  1. Identify when he’s most likely to be on, and schedule your corpmates to be available
  2. Don’t log everyone on. A local spike followed by a juicy target screams bait. Have them sit on their portrait screen.
  3. When your ratting ship gets tackled (use a max-tank rattlesnake with some tackle fit and run sites just like normal) everyone logs on, joins fleet, and warps to you.
  4. Shoot the shiney ships first. Let your rattlesnake work on his cyno, it’ll be at zero so you should be able to murder it pretty quick. Everyone else should be shooting the 4bil blops battleship(s) that just jumped in. Scram them.

Extra tips:

  • Lock everything. Cloaky ships cannot cloak if they’re yellowboxed.
  • Fleet should focus on the Sin first… 99% chance he’s running one if he’s solo/mutiboxing. They’re excellent neut boats, and they’re very dangerous to your rattle, which is of course expensive.
  • Scram the battleships asap. They will have an MJD fit, and as soon as you spike local he’ll be trying to MJD out to save his battleships.
  • Your bait rattle should be anci fit. Said SIN will be neuting it to turn off your rep. Yes, this means your ratting will not be cost-effective… the purpose is to kill him, not make isk. PVP is expensive.

As an addendum, if you’ve got a couple corp mates that want to help, have them discretely move cloaky bombers to your site before you warp there. Fit scrams on them, keep them cloaked.

When he drops, your bombers job is to get an immediate scram on the battleships. I can promise you that 2 is enough, you kill 2 blops battleships and his T3C he’ll be so far in the red that he’ll probably never drop you again.

Will he stay in the system cloaked? Maybe. If he goes active and starts dropping on you, bait him again. Start warping a battle nerus between pocos (make it realistic) and then scram him again, rinse and repeat.

Every one of his things that you kill are going to be worth at least 2 of yours. It’s very hard for blops to be an efficient doctrine when you lose ships.

Trash talk the ■■■■ out of him in local if you successfully counter-drop him. Piss him right the ■■■■ off. Mock him, link kills, scoop his corpse and link it.

If you make him angry, odds are he’ll try again to get even. He’ll be so interested in revenge that he’ll be less diligent in looking for bait. He’ll want a juicy kill right under your noses.


Ratting passive semi-afk 100mn VNIs always draw someone’s attention… So, those deserved it!

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somehow stuff like this makes me cringe… I still remember the times when PL camped the heck of our new alliance in 0.0 with 300km torp ravens… cloaky… And we could do NOTHING… Fun times.
the cringe is - if you don’t want anyone camping your system, I’d suggest single-player games. IMO, there is a reason for cloaky… There is a reason from BLOPs (tho they aren’t used as much, from what I can see since returning). Game is broken enough, no need to fix no cloaky

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Wow truth hurts


you must be a renter.


Correct, I pay rent for my House, you on the other hand are a squatter, in your parents house.

Why are renters looked down upon? If you don’t want them, don’t rent to them. Am i missing something?

Double negative. So you agree that cloaking needs a counter. Thanks for your input.

My experience with renters is they won’t do much to defend their space. One neut shows up in local and the whole system docks up. Unorganized and have no uniform mission other than try to make isk.


Move in goonland, enjoy the cap umbrella. Oh, already done…