Move the Gallente Navy to the Metric System

New players often struggle to remember the different names of ships. This can be resolved by using the MegaThron naming model for the Gallente navy. We should anchor around the Thron Frigate as the basic unit of shipness.

I propose:

Decithron: Corvette
Thron: Frigate
Dekathron: Destroyer
Hectothron: Cruiser
Kilothron: Battlecruiser
Megathron: Battleship
Gigathron: Dreadnaught
Terathron: Titan


What a terrible idea. Dont take away my Thorax dude, or my Incursus/Tristan


Would that turn my Helios into a Heliothron? :thinking:

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That’s funny!

But I also like its sense of natural change which is too lacking in EVE. It can make your mind boggle how many different airplane models and variants were introduced by the belligerants in WWII, especially in the final 4 years. Yet in EVE, a place of constant war, things are very static. So I approve of this idea just for the novelty value.

Its also fitting that the French were leaders in adoption of the metric system, even using metric time for a while. The Gallente are obviously modeled after the French.

Given the ambiguities involved with the industry alternating between base 10 and base 2 when using the metric system to discuss binary ship-related matters, perhaps it would be best if we renamed the Megathron to the Mebithron and work our way from there…

Mebi-yes, Mebi-not :thinking:

This makes perfect sense to me.

People today have no sense of style

Bahahaha this is fantastic, if just for the meme value

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