Moving all the assets that are laying around all over universe

This game is almost 20 years old.
Many of us have assets laying around all over the universe.

It would be awsome for us that CCP could move all our assets into 1 station in high sec (capitals in lowsec)
This could be a feature for once a lifetime

I remember CCP can do such things if I player isn’t logged in for X years, that he could apply so his assets were moved to somewhere else

Asset Safety exists for assets in Nullsec and Lowsec.
It would be really dumb to allow people to casually move assets from the universe directly to highsec without major reprecussions.

That was before asset safety.

If your trash is in highsec, just set up courier contracts, price them adequately, and they’ll get done in a week. If it’s in lowsec, add some premium to the price. If it’s in null, then just firesale contract them to whoever lives nearby, or asset safety them into lowsec and set up a courier contract.

I take great pride in the amount of random crap I have strewn about the universe.

It’d be abused by players using alts and jump clones to teleport across the game.

Problem solved.

They added this many years ago, in game look for “Courier Contract”.

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