[MR-TI] Arbitration Request

Not to interfere too much on a foreign law case, but I have to point out that since the involved parties seem to be capsuleers, this is more or less how it works. You can enter a tribunal process but you are in fact not legally obliged to by any law except those you voluntarily choose to uphold. (Possibly voluntarily under pressure or threat, but still, it is a decision by you, not a requirement by law.)

I respectfully suggest you stick to this line of defense quoted right here, and if they put a bounty on you? Let them. Trust me, it won’t be much of a bother.


This is a very fair point in the grand scheme I doubt Cathy can possibly face much in the way of consequences.

Despite her anger at me I am simply hoping all parties come to an amicable solution.

I will point out however I am an interested party in the matter and my interests are being represented by MR-TI so take my words with a boat load of salt.

So after 2 months, the arbitration’s ongoing? Yikes.

That is indeed my understanding.

Arbitrator Ché Biko has sadly stepped down, we are now looking for a replacement, anyone willing to take the roll will be considered and with joint agreement from myself and Cathy will be taken on.

Edward Adams selected as replacement Arbitrator.