[MR-TI] Arbitration Request

Dear Fellow Capsuleers,

I am looking for an Arbitrator with legal experience to settle a dispute between MR-TI and SISOL.

I would of preferred a less public setting to make this request but Cathy Okagima of SISOL has noted that they will not enter into negotiations with the arbitrator I initially suggested and has requested this notice be made public.

Obviously any Arbitrator will be compensated for there time.

Please contact myself and Cathy Okagima if you are interested.

Context: This is a financial dispute in relation to the purchase of shares and the actions of a party in relation to the handling of corporate funds.

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Generally speaking, the best arbiters have areas of specialty they prefer to focus on. Perhaps if you gave a rough outline of the situation, without names attached, someone might be able to point you in the right direction.

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Thank you Arrendis,

I have had a singular application for the role already which is now under consideration however I will add a little more context for general assistance.

It has been suggested that we may wish to go through the Onnamon Capsuleer Tribunal(or at least it’s method) in which case I believe we would need three representatives.

If anyone is interested please reach out here or directly.

If a third representative hasn’t been selected, I wouldn’t mind offering of my services. I have a small background in corporation management and a bit more broad in corp asset management.

I believe we are still in need of two individuals.

So you are welcome to put yourself forward.

Then you have your second

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So we just need a third and final judiciar for this public display of vitriol.

Please let all here know that I am only going through with this as Mr Minsk has stated he will respect it’s decision and has heavily hinted I will receive a price on my head or mercs at my back if I refuse.

This is coercion pure and simple SISOL was a privately run capsuleer enterprise and the deal we struck held all the risks that comes with.

Baseliner reports be damned.

It was my company and I ran it how I pleased.

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Please note that Cathy asked me directly to follow the Onnamon Capsuleer Tribunal procedure and is therefore the one who requested this…

“public display of vitriol.”

I imagine this is the first in perhaps a number of attempts she will make to try and disrupt proceedings.

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You may, should you wish, approach me to take the task of an arbitrator. I am noble, former corporate diplomat and CFO, led an Inquisition, and I’m really quite handsome. I will wave any fee for my service.


Is there a need for it to be a public display of vitriol, though? Can’t the proceedings themselves remain confidential among the arbitration team?

Were indications given that she would face violent repercussions if she didn’t agree to some form of arbitration?

Because, I think the arbitrators would find that fact relevant, too, you know?

Ibs is a good candidate for the gig, yeah.

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Well it appears we may have the three required I will reach out to you all to see how people would like to proceed.

I will take further advice now we have a full board but if that is as I previously suggested Mz Okagima-Haani’s wish I am not going to stand in opposition an arbitration is only of use where all parties agree to it taking place.

If I were to wish to take any violent actions these would have to be agreed to by our shareholders and I can confirm as of this time no discussion on such a matter has taken place. I have not intermated to Mz Okagima that any such repercussions would be forthcoming.

However to clarify MR-TI will stand by any outcome of the arbitration and if we are awarded damages then we will proceed to collect by all and any means available.

Then I wonder what it was she took to mean that… ah well, it’ll be in her comms logs, I’m sure.

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I would have recommended arbitration by the Caldari Business Tribunal instead, but if this is how both parties wish to proceed, and a panel of three arbitrators has been established, I wish everyone the best of luck. I would not recommend making public statements whilst one is emotional, though.


Sadly I do not believe they would of been best positioned for what is required.

I find it quite distasteful thay two capsuleers I respect would engage in such childish rhetoric.

The fact that this has gone to arbitration and is soo public is detestable.

I find the fact you appear to of sided with Kenaar quite distasteful but I suppose you will simply call that the price of doing business.

That said I guess your loyalty to me is like that of your loyalty to the Intaki, Caldari or Amarr let it not be forgotten you flew in Amarr militia for a short time.

Yes let me shout it from the mountains the “Intaki Liberator, Richard Masseri, flew with the oppressors!”

Just to confirm I have no strong opinions on the Minmatar, Amarr war.

How did the arbitration go?

I can recommend Lord Tash Murkon as a man of integrity.

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