MTU mining

(Aedaxus) #1

There seems to be a new hobby for people "MTU mining’, just shoot em and hope it conatins anything…

That guy came back and shot a 24 day noob in an Ibis, just to show how PVPish he was… sad.

(March rabbit) #2

Some time ago CCP did special research and found that being killed in first weeks of playing this game people stay in here for longer.

So say thanks to that guy who gave you a chance for long game life :grin:

(Lulu Lunette) #3

It’s just a part of the game. I’m a nice person and player and even I occasionally try and instigate something. Highsec is the scariest because you got so many little things to remember. That’s what the yellow safety is for :stuck_out_tongue:

(Aedaxus) #4

I wasn’t killed in the first months and stayed for over 10 years. I’m probably the exception as i’m very risk averse.

He didn’t kill me, he killed some random guy down on his luck trying to make it and getting slammed hard in the face again. I sent that guy 10 million ISK, to make him happy. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Lulu Lunette) #5

It really does take all kinds in Eve doesn’t it? :slight_smile: I bet he’ll appreciate that. It’s the interactions from the players that make it

(Senjiu Kanuba) #6

I once shot an MTU in a Tempest and the owner responded in a Stratios. So to the 15m killmail or so from the MTU I got an additional 200m+ killmail for the Stratios. That was nice. :slight_smile:

(Nevyn Auscent) #7

Except they didn’t. They found that people who stayed longer than a month had a slightly higher percentage of PvP encounters in their first month than people who stayed less than a month.
Correlation does not make causation.

To prove causation you would have to isolate out by play hours, and eliminate all those people that made an account, played two hours in a rookie system then left never having even attempted to explore the game. As well as isolate out types of new players such as ‘Brought in by a Null PvP friend’ from ‘Randomly found this game from a facebook advert’ and look if the trend was consistent through all those groups also for the same time spent in game actively playing.

That said, shoot away, if said newbie in an ibis was out there doing things to annoy someone, good on the newbie and good on the person who shot them for getting annoyed, that is what EVE is about.
And anyone can mining, even if it is an MTU can, can flip em! :P.

(Tipa Riot) #8

It can be lucrative in certain areas of space, because of certain people doing beeep there.

Was doing it in highsec for some time, with no luck, nobody wanted to aggress me :disappointed:

(Omar Alharazaad) #9

Never don’t shoot the Mobile Trash Unit. Sometimes there is shiny inside.
Now, if you want them to shoot you instead, make sure you’re not flying something scary.
It is hard to get aggression usually, as most are going to suspect a trap… rightly so.

(March rabbit) #10

I’m not the person to discuss meaning of that research. Personally i found it too disappointing and lacking even in basic information.

However many ‘real EvE players’ are telling this story exactly this way for years since…

(Kosomot) #11

I agree with this.

Early in my career I got noob stomped by a group of guys helping me rat in belts,

They dropped some ammo in a container, at the time i didn’t know what yellow containers meant.

took the ammo, then scrammed webbed, ship gone, they proceeded to bounce my pod around for a while, drinking my tears, then let me go with my lesson learned, licking my wounds.

it is that moment that keeps in the game, the fact that my feelings were hurt, I should have known better and there was a real consequence to not knowing game mechanics.

So i’m 100% for the risk of MTU mining, for everyone, the guy shooting the MTU and the person that owns it.

It’s what makes EvE great.

(Soloman Jackson) #12

This is the template I use in game. I get some pretty good responses. :slight_smile:

Pilot (Enter Name Here),

While patroling (System Name) I came upon a rogue MTU. I searched owner registry and found you to be the last owner of said MTU. You being a new pilot, I would assume you don’t understand the dangers of leaving these rabid little beasts in space unattended. I have personally found MTU’s that have consumed their owners several times. Take my word for it, it’s not pretty.

Me, being the friendly person I am, took it upon myself to rid the system of this growing threat.

(Place kill mail here)

You’re welcome. I will happily accept an ISK donation for providing this service for you. It will help me to continue to find and destroy more threatening MTU’s.

Please be more careful in the future. We wouldn’t want the MTU’s to go the way of the rogue drone. We must all do our part in seeing this never happens. Either by hunting those rogue MTU’s that escape the control of their owners, or by being a more responsible owner of such a dangerous deployable.

I have included a care package of “Friendship Points”(aka a bounty) for you. Please use them wisely!

Your friend,
Soloman Jackson
Ancient Rhythm

(Algathas) #13

I have done this in NPC null for a long time. Probe out MTUs of mission runners. Most of the time they dock up and you can blow up an MTU and get 50 mil in tags. Sometimes they come back or don’t leave in the first place and you can kill them too.

(Coralas) #14

Putting MTUs in your anom is a pretty good way to get a well matched 1v1 going imo. its 8m bait, that has some loot I wouldn’t necessarily have bothered to collect otherwise (which makes it more valuable to the target).

(Mr Mieyli) #15

If you’re not the one to discuss the meaning of that research, why did you bring it up? That BS is repeated often enough.

(78 Aster) #16

If that was one of the systems CCP mentioned earlier then killing that new player broke a rule… Shooting a player less than 30 days old in the newly added and previously added systems is prohibited (might get banned for it)

Hope it wasn’t one of those paces

(Beast of Constipation) #17

well to be fair he was in a nereus industrial … and you called a second orca as backup .
imho it’s more interesting and funny that both orcas were later lost mining with a wardec … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Dark Star Wolf) #18

shooting the MTU should be an aggression though you are damaging real property so to speak

(Jonah Gravenstein) #19

It is considered to be an aggressive act, which is why you go suspect when you shoot one.

The aggression mechanics for MTUs are based around igniting conflict.