Multi-boxing going nuts

Even then it would be simpler to just sign in some ganker alts and if you are about to lose just warp them in on top of your dueling alt. :upside_down_face:

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So your only solution to all of this is to turn an innocent miner into some harden space criminal?

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Who are you calling they? They who? Multiboxers?

You know how it goes with Frostpackers, high expectations are futile. :innocent:

So Multi-boxing is part of the game as it’s been established.
The thing is Its relatively easy to stop them people just can’t be bothered is the truth.

The other day in Uedama I had one catalyst with a ganker setup , my aim was to tackle there tackler , not sure why he changed up from a maller to a Gnosis two Talos appeared with the gank fleet so something bling was coming .

Anyway my plan was to tackle Gnosis shutting down is micro warp drive , seems to have worked the dst was on the ball and managed to start to move I held the Gnosis and attacked the Talos doing almost 40% damage to it .

The DST was pulling range on the fleet always a good sign . The guy must have been carrying as the two Talos had a polarised fit .

Weather or not you think I contributed to the fail gank is irrelevant, it only took 4 people to stop the gank , each doing there bit to stop a gank fleet of 21 pilots .

When it starts to go wrong for a Multi-boxer they often can’t adjust quickly , I’ve seen it time and time again .

Kudos goes out to the Hauler pilot for being on the ball and even to the gankers for the gf at the end .

It’s a shame others don’t try and whining instead

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Multi-boxing isn’t cheating in the sense that it’s endorsed by the devs. It is, however, paying for a very real in game advantage.

Ex. Null ratting - You have one Ishtar. It does 500 dps. The rat battleships repairs for 200 dps. Thus, you do a net dps of 300. Now, add two more Ishtars to the mix, and that 300 dps goes to 1300. All with a minimal increase in complexity due to drone assist and fleet warp mechanics.

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You stopped them one time out of how many times they have been successful?
It is like killing the bot miner. The one hulk you destroyed payed for itself 100 times over by the time you killed it.

No inconvencience a determined few cause will ever outperform the payoff of cheating.

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The Devs can only assign meaning and rules to the various parts of their game, they don’t make rules for gaming in general and playing with several characters at the same time is so obviously cheating that they only allow Omega accounts to multibox.
It means that you can cheat if you pay. It’s like a payoff to dirty cops. Nothing to be proud of.

They don’t intend to stop it, they can’t. Anti-ganking is just content leeched from Ganking. At least they know they won’t run out of content.

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None of which would be necessary, for those multiboxing 3 chars or less, if one was allowed to log in chars from the same account. Of course, that wouldn’t make CCP as much money would it…to be just a little cynical.

Personally I have two Omega accounts and have yet to see any ‘advantage’ from multiboxing. OK so I can field twice as many ships, but then I also stand to lose twice as many. So I have two Omegas mainly so I can live different Eve ‘lives’ rather than for multiboxing.

3.75 weekends packs are back baby. Tell your evil twin that we’re going to mine some ice.

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They sit there all afternoon and into the evening, if ag show up in force they don’t gank. When we are there we have a good chance to stop them. We can’t stop them because they seem to have more time than us , but we don’t stop trying and cry

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It sounds like you are crying.

I saved those up to purchase a larger account at a prop firm (funded trading).

Uriel literally scammed me and then ignored to deliver.

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Maybe there was an issue processing the transaction for the dueling permit, you know how unreliable those New Eden banksters are, outright criminals I tell you.

You could try sending the ISK again to see if it works this time. Might as well send it twice for double the chance for it to successfully coming through. :wink:


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So, nothing will ever be done about Chinese LP farms ?


It brings in too much cash for CCP to ever do anything about it.

I wasn’t under the impression that farming in EVE was limited by ethnicity.

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Gosh, well if I had that sort of ISK I wouldn’t waste my time manipulating the markets…I’d use it to fund a corp for blowing up lots of stuff.

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It’s still under consideration.

To put a stop to the Frats in FW.

Im talking 50-60 man fleets on constantly, pushing them out of plexes, not letting them farm.

(5 - 6 IRL dudes …)