Multi-boxing going nuts

You’re just making us like you ever more than Aiko, it seems perfectly normal to try to match her energy though you are no Aiko so there’s that Uriel the Scammer

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is your Plex empire ready? I remember something about trading to invest some money into the game and everybody making fun of you. You were a nice trader, but it is time to teach those griefers a leson! 40k into CCP goodies!

Nobody is a clown in New Eden, just like you!

So, what if with 40k he could stop multiboxers!

All in good time.

Just like in trading, patience.


That old thread justifies some hypothetical scenario or a mixture of facts of a range of ideas.

Perhaps you need to revisit to read the message.

It’s a bit excessive to me, I would think even 3k is enough to snowball off of from marketing to the point where 40k is no where near nessessary.

Hehe, well 40k had provocative value, but yes realistically, could be done with much much less.

I would only need to pay 6 guys 10 bil isk a month for 6 months up to a year, and Im sure MANY would flock in the door.

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A fleet of 1000 DPS ganker Moas could wreak havoc. Actually, with a sufficient number of people one could wreak havoc even with Velators, with enough of them. I’ve actually been in a 40 man Velator fleet, in one of my alts, attacking a Blackflag Leshak. It wasnt enough Velators but sure was fun.

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Yeah, Moas, Osprey navys, Algoses, Merlins, all of those, as a 60 man fleet, would take on anything in the WZ tbh, and seriously piss off some farmers…

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I am just curious and wanted to ask about mb use by null sec corps. Of all those thousands of members are most of them unique players or a horde of mb alts?

Btw, I don’t mind if the latter is the most common case.


No, multiboxing is not doing anything, positive or negative, to EvE as a game.

Many years ago CCP put out a number that the average accounts per player was 1.5-1.8. I don’t think that number has significantly changed since. The people running 6+ accounts were in the extreme minority, and therefore have only local impact on the game. The idea that multiboxers are out of control simply isn’t substantiated.

Your incentive to do FW is just that, yours. Not everyone has the same incentives, and some might just use it as an isk farm for other things they want to do. FW is a very lucrative endeavor for the investment and time. To that end, multiboxing allows them to maximize isk/hr spent not doing what they really want to do, and your bad luck to have the same timing as them.

As far as your assumption they’re empty ships botting the plexes, what’s your evidence? That they’re not taking fights? That’s ridiculous. As I pointed out above, not everyone is there for the same reason. Take myself, I’m only here for the CFI blueprints. I’m not wasting my time fighting you, because you cut into my LP/hr. It’s far more efficient for me to move to the next system, and come back to finish that site after you’ve gotten bored and logged off. If you think that kills immersion, than EvE is going to suck for you. 95% of nullsec fleets I’ve been on have resulted in being blue balled one way or the other.

Lastly, the only people who think multiboxing is playing EvE on easy mode have never tried multiboxing without cheating. My experience in trying to run 8 accounts without input broadcasting made me cut my active accounts in half. It’s not easy keeping up with that much incoming information and keep it all straight. If multiboxing were easy, literally everyone would do it, it does pay for itself after a certain point.

Your options, in the end, are report the multiboxers and/or move somewhere else. New Eden has thousands of systems for you to play in if their presence offends you so badly. Just because you don’t like how someone plays the game doesn’t mean there should be a rule against it.

Edit: Oh, you also have the option of shooting them. There’s really only a few fits that work well with multiboxing, even when cheating, and it isn’t that difficult to counter most of them.


Sometimes we send mail up the chain of command; ie

As some of our members feel left behind.

I’d stick to doing the dishes Sweetie. Elite Forum PvP’ers would wipe the floor with you before you even realised the duel had started.

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Oh I see your back

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@Zaera_Keena and @Githany_Red are you two alts of the same player dueling on the forum right now? :disguised_face: :popcorn:


Fang was upset with me cause she sent her 1 billion Isk to Mike and asked Mike to evemail fang to thank her for the contribution to the mike bus




O I fight with my alts all the time.

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Evidence from multiple Gankotherapy scientific studies has helped us to understand that a wide range of PVE players are sentient beings. This means they have the capacity to experience positive and negative feelings such as pleasure, joy, pain and distress that matter to the individual, in particular F1 monkeys such as @ResonanceOfWar

I can promise you that multiboxing has been out of control for years. CPP does not care. Just wait for it, they will say the same thing as Blizzard… We may have gone from 12 million subs down to 6 million but they spend twice as much in the store… so its the same thing right? No harm being done right? This is what happens when there is no artistic talent left and its just a bunch of spiteful programmers working on a project they have no passion for to collect a paycheck.

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