Multi-boxing going nuts

I can’t wait for Zaera to realise that I could prob solo his entire corporation xD lols…


Don’t be mad

You must have a big F1 key

We can’t all do the jobs for which we might have a passion. These days, finding and keeping any job which sustains you or your family, is an achievement in itself.

You surely have no idea whether or not there exists spite among the workforce, nor to whom such an epithet might individually apply. Likewise, you may be wildly wrong about the level of ‘artistic talent’ harboured by those individuals. They do what they are told to do by designers, and not what necessarily pleases them. This is the world of work known to most of us, I’m sure.

I just felt you were being a bit harsh towards a group of people you don’t know and who don’t have authorised access to this forum in order to answer your accusations.


You may be somewhat correct. Thanks for the intelligent reply.
Thesis, antithesis, Synthesis. This is my choice for delivery of the message.

O yea its called a keyboard and has many different varieties of f1 all bound to different modules, best f1 keys ever.

Also you have 2 solo kills I will borrow a saying from Aiko, have you even played this game?

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are you talking to me? This is an alt… this is eve. Expect that. Its normal. It just makes you look like a noob to not know and understand this. and besides… attack the message. When you attack the messenger it just says you dont have the ability to attack the message with an actual defense. This tactic only works to convince fools.

Na talking to Zaera the self proclaimed pvp god, if you look at the top right you can see who I’m replying to.

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She told me once I was her alt but I doubt this is true. Manly because she lies about everything.




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Have you ever thought of doing something a bit more advanced than the newbie careers? Because those are the only things regularly multiboxed, the activities that you could train a monkey to do. Off the top of my head, the usual ones are mining. nullsec ratting, FW plexing, and ganking. Maybe go do things that require more skill than lock-f1-repeat, or at least go do them in more dangerous places.

The game client even tells everyone to multibox

…end thread :popcorn:


This game sucks… im deff not gonna play for the next 3 days all day long…

You’re just saying that though it is not hard to uncover your true objective here on this thread regarding multiboxing.

/ the fact that you mentioned that your not going to grind 3 days long when before multiboxing alts use to rain in isk.

So just grind that last leg and hop on the 210 plex alt pilot train just like the rest of us boxers

O_o o_o o_O do you wait for a black friday special or something?

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I’m going to say that I only wait for Princess to Acknowledge my existence.