Multi boxing in champions of the abyss is wrong

i have been watching twitch with eve players multiboxing the new proving ground. I feel that this is wrong sence it will come down to the top 10 if say 3 ppl multi box and are in the top 10 sence they use the same char each time then 3 ppl have just taken 6 spots . if 5 ppl make it then you dont have 10 winners you have 5 . its awsome these ppl are good enough to pull that off but i though it was so ppl could play together not solo on 2 accouts.

You are free to play together…and you will have an advantage over solo MB’ers so…enjoy!

so if 5 ppl win 10 spots you would be ok with that.

If you can’t beat a solo player then you don’t deserve to be there in the first place.

Well… the rankings come down to total number of wins. If there are a few awesome two person teams, they will inevitably lose out to the blurry-eyed multiboxers who can play 20 hours straight. It doesn’t matter if they are second best - quantity over quality.

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Isn’t that just a case of the cream rising to the top?

Also, EVE is a MB’ing game…for anyone to claim that an event should only be for the 1-account types is being a bit unrealistic. That horse left the barn a long, long time ago…

I’m not complaining.

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Sorry that was meant to sound more rhetorical… :slight_smile:

It’s incredibly easy to manipulate the FFA events with multiboxing. Limited entrants. If half of them are actually the same person?
I mean sure. What could be more EVE than rigging a tournament. But that is at least part of why the AT got dropped I’m sure. So if people do abuse the capability it just makes it less likely for CCP to regard this as a success and keep the proving grounds (wait, is that a good thing if they remove them, quick, rig the whole system to make it pointless and removed)

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It’s incredibly easy to manipulate anything…

How can I manipulate CCP into fixing the sun glare?


Flowers and donuts?

well that didnt take long, i did say it would take less than a week before exploited by groups and multiboxers

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Multi-boxing is normal in Eve. Its accepted by the devs. Its not going to change…

Note: I dislike multiboxing too… but its not going to change, so I concentrate on what could.


Our goal should be to wreck this as quickly as possible, so that they never ever try to implement something like this again (for another 6 months until they do anyway, because this is CCP, and they probably think arenas and Twitch are “down with the kids” or whatever old people think).


The biggest thing the gaming industry should collectively regret is whoring themselves to twitch streamers for cheap publicity.


As an old(er) gamer, I used to agree with that sentiment but then i realized that gaming isn’t just about playing games anymore, it’s entertainment in itself. As that is now true then logically it follows that revenue stream should be explored by any company wanting to improve their products standings…which means actively expanding into Twitch or whatever medium the kids are using these days.

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I disagree. I know people with young kids, and the kids don’t even play games - they just watch Twitch and that’s it. And what they watch isn’t someone actually playing a game, but someone hopping around and making raspberries on the mic and quoting memes. The actual gaming streams and tournaments are a minor chunk of the total. I have quite a few gamer friends, and almost none of them give a ■■■■ about Twitch; just a handful use it for legit purposes like CS:GO tournaments or watching a particular streamer that they like. But the under-10 crowd is batshit over it.

Is there money in it? You bet, but CCP isn’t going to see a single dollar of it, because no one gives two shits about watching two tiny chevrons move about over an outer space background image until one disappears, while some sleepy announcer babbles on like “…and now it seems that Runa is overheating her armor repairer, hoping that the 29.4% increased tank amount will keep her out of structure until the reactive hardener adapts to the new missile types, and…what’s this, in an unprecedented move she’s recalling her drones from her target, I repeat she’s *recalling her drones, and now turning on her afterburner…”?

No, it just won’t happen. Kids who tune in to watch some high-pitched European gyrate his character’s ass in Fortnite while making farting Spider-Man references aren’t going to watch EVE tournaments. Nor will the CS:GO players who are trying to be part of the competitive scene, or the millions of South Koreans who religiously watch DotA championships. And we, EVE players, will probably care least of all, because we are intimately familiar with how boring EVE “action” is to take part in, let alone observe as a spectator.

You know what the worst part is, though? It’s not that they added arenas (in itself, this is something that would actually make a whole lot of sense in the universe of EVE); it’s that they half-assed it so badly. Just like Crimewatch’s idea of bounty-hunting was to make a kill right activate a suspect flag on the target after being purchased by the bounty hunter (how does this even make sense?), their arena idea revolves around teleporting to random instances without any matchmaking whatsoever, no rosters, not being able to bet on match outcomes as an observer, etc. It’s just so plain, boring, and grindy, and it sucks. Yawn.


LOL…valid point(s). I’ve spend a lot of time watching vid/streams on YouTube but never on Twitch…Heck I’ve only recently started using Discord (thanks @Archer_en_Tilavine) so I’m not exactly cutting edge any more…sigh…

I just home my retirement home has good high speed…

Any how…and yes you are right that CCP half-assed this and just aimed low. Your:

“matchmaking whatsoever, no rosters, not being able to bet on match outcomes as an observer, etc. It’s just so plain, boring, and grindy, and it sucks. Yawn.”

…point is perfect…I bet you said the same thing about Hypernet too a while back.


I was away from the game when it came out, but I probably would have. I did a quick analysis on it when I saw it, and it appears to be CCP’s way of scamming its user base out of money, because as a participant, you average out to a loss because most of the raffles are vastly overpriced, which they have to be, or the players hosting them will take losses themselves if they aren’t (plus labor compensation)…I mean how needlessly convoluted is this? At least when you gamble at a casino and the house takes its cut, you get to enjoy the environment, company, drinks, etc. Here, you’re buying the same products that you can get from the market, except paying more… :thinking: