Multi boxing in champions of the abyss is wrong

Go buy some more gamer girl bathwater, bro.


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were are al the care bears who said they will loooooooooooooove this filaments ? GONE
BOOOOO you suuuuuck
stop talking shi% you will never risk shi%



They’ll be there, they just have to mine a bit more and do a few more missions so that they can afford to buy some PvP ships, I promise.


This is probably way more successful than even CCP expected at this point. They have had what an average wait time to get a match at what 45 seconds around the clock? So much pvp that markets are literally being moved even in Jita. Rapid lights were almost up to 6 mil yesterday lol. Ships are being bought out completely just to be marked up again. Market pvp is probably more active than it has been in a while.
There also hasn’t been this meta expectation that everyone would just switch to one ship, that hasn’t happened and doesn’t look like its going to happen.

CvC: Carebear vs Carebear

if is soooo good?
why aren’t you doing it ?

cool are you going to pay for my 2nd account too?

im not your dad

daddy its allowance day

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God bless Belle Delphine. The most thotastic gurl evaaar11!!1


Too bad that all of this is outside of the sandbox. If CCP started rewarding players for trashing their ships by awarding them limited-edition skins, would you praise that as an economic driver as well?


Guess what those 700 people aren’t doing?

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Roaming Nullsec watching everyone dock up and wait for them to leave?

Fighting in the proving grounds is what I had in mind. Or, logged into EVE at all, so yeah. What you said.

Bets on when this will happen?

I can’t tap letters and count up my age with fingers at same time, but I’m 40ish and pretty down with arenas.

No frikking clue what twitch is, besides what my left eyelid does as I obsessive-compulsively get rid of red dots across 4 accounts, but it might be pretty hip too.

Let’s look at the facts. EVE is a unique space, which has droves of virtual citizens of a special type who generally have hit multiple walls over the years where they are literally subbing accounts and logging in, and doing… nothing.

And then some little thing grabs their attention and they suddenly get re-engaged, all over again for the 50th time.

And it more speaks to human nature, than to any particular thing CCP is or isn’t doing right.

When you get done with the day, out and about spreading joy&covid, you go home. And often sit down and do… nothing.

You don’t stop going home, because deep down you know it’s not home that’s boring- it’s you. You could literally go out back and find enough fascination in the socio-geopolitics of ant colonies to keep you entertained for 5 lifetimes, if not for your transient defects of character and soul sucking apathy.

And EVE is the same way. I actually think, although ostensibly to attract new patients I mean players and further flesh out the eve universe, CCP is actually performing social services on par with Church groups visiting nursing homes and playing stupid games with the senile denizens.

And you are like Bob, the crusty Korean war vet sitting over in the day room corner who isn’t gonna let the bastards get over on him with the silliness, yet fails to at the very least appreciate the shear joy the shenanigans are bringing to the drool-stained faces of his compatriots.

Shame on you, Bob.


The little things we take for granted when playing 1 account can quickly become overwhelming if someone throws you a curve ball when multiboxing.

People will find ways to exploit that split focus, then multiboxers will adapt, and then people will find something else to exploit, this is the entire idea behind the sandbox concept of the game. I’m pretty sure we’re going to see a fair bit of Ewar messing with mediocre multiboxer’s heads.

Actually, I’ll have you know that the government has mandated that I stay at least fifty feet away from any and all ant colonies. See, I was caught recreating the entire plot of Game of Thrones with them, and the feds decided to intervene right at the part where Ant Ramsay kidnapped Ant Sansa, and everyone was gearing up for the big ant battle. So don’t assume I’m not living an exciting life simply because I find EVE arenas an unnecessary, lackluster feature.

I leave you with this, pop-pop:


I burst out laughing so hard :rofl: