Multi-boxing small gang PvP, ship suggestions?

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I plan on training some alts to multi-box small gang PvP, but I’m wondering what ships working together constitute an effective small gang. I can only run three ships at once and was thinking covops to scout, interceptor to tackle, and t3 cruiser to bring pain. Are there better configurations? Is multi-boxing a 3 ship gang feasible?

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I have found the best combination for my style is a three cruiser squad.
Falcon- Cloak-Recon and ECM
Curse-Neut and drone support
Deimos- DPS. Pain and Death

All are flown at lvl V skill sets

FYI- one moment of inattention or loss of situational awareness or a miss click and you have 1B isk in loss mails.

Good Luck Mate.

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Looks like a wiked combo, thank you!

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I’m starting my PvP with frigates, running some FW Plexs. I like the composition you offered and an thinking something like this to replicate it in the frigate class:
Griffin (possibly navy issue) - dedicated ECM
Cruor - neuting & tackle
Daredevil - DPS

One concern I have is that this composition appears heavily invested in brawling. Along with the tactical concerns (ie scram kiters getting passed me) I worry about the attention required to multi-box 3 close range ships.

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