Ship/techiques Recomendation for Multi-boxing L4s or PVE Events in Hi-Sec

I’ve be flying Vindicator & Machariel for my L4s with success for few months now.
At first, I was use to drop my MTU, clear the whole room, swap to salvager drones and go for a coffee; to only come back to loot. It was slow!

Since I went for a Kronos in hoping to accelerate the process. Which was faster, but I quickly realised than I could’t be bowser to lock, tract and salvage manually the wrecks one by one.

At that moment, I’m flying an 2nd toon to do the work for me (algos + salvaging drones), on the side of my Kronos.

But I’m now thinking: Maybe my alt could help me speed-up events instead of seating there doing nothing and I could go back flying my Vindicator.
I read a lot of recommandations for the RR Domini, but the price stop me for a ship than I’ll leave in space unattended.
I’m thinking of a cheap passive tanking battlecruiser, which I’ll give 5% of my attention, boost my DPS (assigned combat drones), afk salvaging and looting (drones/MTU) and maybe some remote modules.

here the fit:


Drone Link Augmentor I x2
Large ‘Regard’ Remote Capacitor Transmitter
Large Remote Hull Repairer I

100MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
M51 Benefactor Compact Shield Recharger x3
Limited Adaptive Invulnerability Field I

AE-K Compact Drone Damage Amplifier x3
Type-D Restrained Shield Power Relay x3

Medium Core Defense Field Purger I x3

Hobgoblin I x5
Warden I x4
Salvage Drone I x5
Hammerhead I x5

What do you guys think?

I have found using blaster Kronos fit with T2 salvager and T2 tractor beam, alongside an MTU with salvage drones has been sufficient when single boxing for my needs. As a baseline for single boxing, I can full clear The Assault(Serpentis) casually in about 45 min. Faster if I’m more focused. Not sure how that compares with your numbers or multiboxing. I’ve seen people claim they can full clear that same mission in 25min dual boxing, but have not witnessed that myself. In the past, it would take me an hour or so to full clear that mission in a navy mega due to lower dps and the insane damping.

For my method, I drop MTU once in mission pocket, then I make sure to prioritize small targets first. Once there are no more frigates and destroyers, I release the salvage drones and set them to auto salvage. The whole time, I am then targeting wrecks and killing cruiser+ sized ships, and assisting MTU with wrecks that are <48km with fitted tractor beam, and assisting salvage drones with T2 salvager. Usually by the time I’m done killing, I am about a wreck or two away from full clearing. I don’t multi box, so sorry this may not help with your multi-boxing question, but again I just thought I’d describe this method as something for comparison.

In regards to the myrmidon, not sure you would ever need a remote hull repairer, and I think a passive gila or maybe even rattlesnake may serve better.

And here I thought to suggest you spider tanking RS. Which is two or three RS and an MTU. Start the chain, fly the combat and/or salvager drones, and watch netflix. Completely AFK coz wont need to reload the ammo, and the drones are save because your remote repair attracting aggro off your drones.

Much more tank than domis since the build used in C5 too as solo fleet site runner. and remote caps are nice bonus, even if its overkill since not many NPC in lv4 are neuting you.

protip : you can use 2 MTUs 5km each from the other. Your salvage drones can then salvage the wrecks as they come in.

Even with 3 MTUs they won’t fight if your salvage drones are working.
It’s however a bit tedious, because you want to place them in a triangle, with you in the middle, so that you can catch one if someone comes in to shoot them.

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