Multi-Client Noise

With the latest updates I started to notice a lot of noise when I run more than one Client.
The more Clients are running the more noise is inserted.
Lowering the Volume “Master Level” to zero does not remove the noise.

I got nothing. I suggest filing a bug report. If you get desperate, you can try clearing the cache, or reinstalling the client.

Also, please come back and tell us how you got it sorted. Might help the next guy with the same problem.

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I think it may be related to processor spikes problems I’m having with the EVE-Client !

Could you describe the noise?

It almost sounds like background noise that can happen when the audio isn’t shielded. This normally sounds like hisses, clicks, pops and can often vary with system load.

An easy way to test this is to disable the audio in the EVE client and see if you still hear it. If you did, that would indicate it’s not the EVE client causing the audio directly.

Are you sure that the noise you’re experiencing is not an actual feature? Like the noise I’m getting whenever I try to sell something on market.

Do you mean that kind of noise?

Can confirm there is a strange noise coming form the game client and this is not pc related.
raw file
And notice the issue with the Ship Tree?

It seems to be connected to the load on my CPU … I only notice the noise when when suddenly the EVE-Client start to spike 100% CPU repeatedly … when the normal for my computer running 4 Clients is usually up to 30% docked and 60% flying.
A colleague of mine told me that very high and sudden spikes in CPU can cause power supply instability that may cause noise on some motherboards integrated audio solutions.
Other games have not caused this problem with my audio.
Maybe when CCP solves the 100% CPU problem my audio problem may disappear.

The load on CPU causing the noise is EMI. It’s a very common issue with onboard sound. Many people use USB soundcards to help with this.

The 100% CPU usage that you’re reporting with EVE is something we’re investigating. We’ve not been able to reproduce it in house yet. I’m speaking to a number of people in the community who are experiencing it to try and reproduce it. I’d ask you to file a bug report so we can get your system info, as this issue seems to be very user specific. Feel free to tag me in it if you do.

Hello CCP Caffeine … Thank you for your attention.

In the case of the EVE-Client 100% CPU usage in my System I have noticed the following.

“Multi-Display” … I use 2 Displays by displayport 1.2 cable (GTX 1070). I usually open 4 EVE-Clients (1080p) on my 4K Display (main-display). I usually open Chrome on my secondary-display (YouTube and other sites).

Idle EVE Client … Usually the Bug takes a while to occur … It seems to me that it starts when one of the Clients is idle for a long time … When I start using the Client that has been idle for quite a while the 100% CPU spikes starts.

The curious thing is that I noticed that many times if I move the Chrome window from the Secondary-Display to the Main-Display the problem stops. Shutting down Chrome also usually resolves the issue on my system.

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