Multi-party authentication for high value corp/alliance actions

Right now, a single person can destroy an alliance/corp by stealing all of its assets or transferring them, etc.

This doesn’t make for very fun game play, it should be possible to do set multi-party authentication on high value actions if one so chooses, so more than one person has to agree before certain high value actions can be executed.


  • transferring items from hangars with the feature enabled
  • transferring citadels
  • changing ACLs
  • adding/removing roles

A good analogy is dual signatures on a cheque book.

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GigX should have done what every other major alliance does, and retain control over those things.

those NPC corps run into a lot of alliance theft?

If you’re too complacent to use the tools already in place to limit theft (cant eliminate it since you yourself could walk off with something), it’s not CCP’s job to add yet another tool that you probably wont see used.

Nebula i think the same give away a cita with only a few clicks is bad and there should be some sort of counter check by a second person maybe set with the access list tool would be great

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