Multifit small bug

The multifit tool says, “Name contains a banned word.” and refuses to fit the ship when the name is “Base Serpentis” without quotes.

Using any other name, multifit works and the ship can be renamed afterwards to “Base Serpentis”


That’s not a bug. You are not allowed to name your ships in ingame-terms like Sansha, Serpentis, Guristas Pirates, Blood Raider, angel cartel or rogue drones.

Everything else goes. And if you need a reminder, you can use the “note” tab on your fit.

Yes it is a bug, yes the names I listed in the OP are allowed using the rename option once multifit is done, please refrain from giving more ‘advising’ without really understanding or actually reading a post.

Regards and fly safe.

No, it is not. And I did report this as a bug once and got this very reply from a GM.

Be more polite in future.

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