Multiple Accounts the good and bad for eve

(Daichi Yamato) #144

What dumbassery is this?
Wardecs give you 24 hour notice…

Tipa, just stop. You don’t get it because you don’t actually hunt specific players with locator agents. That is obvious.

(Gadget Helmsdottir) #145

If you’re playing EvE and don’t suspect someone of hunting you… you just might be playing EvE wrong.

–Gadget looks over her shoulder

(Delix Ulratha) #146

I have played more of the game than you realize. I also have done more than my fair share of mundane activities in game. For the right compensation, most others would do the same. After all, I’m pretty sure mining is a thing…

(Tipa Riot) #147

You know, hunting miners and ratters with wardecs will not work anymore after the next patch? So your gameplay, if it’s your main thing, is gone anyhow.

(Ridley Rohan) #148

Idealistically I think multiple accounts suck for a million reasons. Multiple characters in one account is great though.

Realistically trying stop multiple accounts would be a damn nightmare. And CCP has wisely decided to just roll with it.

So whether its good or bad for Eve is kind of a non-starter type question. But to answer I would say all told, considering ideals, reality and just how Eve works, its about neutral over-all, neither good nor bad.

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #149

Ok, no.

Yet this answer shows the opposite

(Daichi Yamato) #150

People with structures still mine, rat and haul. They will still make the odd pvp gang that also moves around.

Just cause deccers have to dec the structure, doesn’t mean they have to only shoot the structure…in fact, the dec ends if they destroy all the structures.

But whatever the wardec changes to, it doesn’t change the impracticality of trying to keep up with something AND run locates at the same time with a single character.

It doesn’t change that there is tedious, but necessary, gameplay in eve that can be conveniently given to an alt. The alternative is giving some poor person the ‘■■■■ jobs’. Not very engaging for them.

(Tipa Riot) #151

It’s only impractical with wars, and not because of a technical impracticality. You don’t want to spoil the target with your combat ship (war target flag), that is the only reason why you need an out-of-corp alt to hunt.

The Abyss runners I hunted down had no chance, because they didn’t see me coming from within Abyssal space (only few had alts watching outside). I only entered their beacon system when they just started a new site, which I knew when precisely by the second from pinging the nearby agent.

(Daichi Yamato) #152

So we shouldn’t be able to track people during decs? You understand how we got to the current situation of blanket decs and hub humping right? And if you took away neutral warpins deccers will just start afk cloaking in high-sec.

And like i said, you’re relying on someone not moving.

(Tipa Riot) #153

I agreed multiple times, that you need neutral alts for wardec stuff. There was never a dispute about it. :wink: This is one of the few gameplays not working without second accounts. But not because of watchlist changes or locator agents, but because of war mechanics.

Not true, I’m relying on someone not seeing me coming. This is not much different to hunting a war target, you either catch it while doing some stuff (missions, mining, …) or jumping gates.