Multiple minutes long black screen on log in and undock

Whenever I log in or undock, be it from citadels or NPC stations, I get a multiple minutes long black screen, that doesn’t go away even after 10 minutes or so. I’ve also been getting game freezes very frequently.

My laptop was more than capable of playing EVE at 60fps, with Low settings. Now I have them to minimum, and it does not help at all.

Any workarounds?

In citadels you can try to use Look Outside to preload external assets before you undock. The blackscreen after the first undock after logging in has become considerably worse after CCP updated the graphics the last time, in particular in busy systems.

When was this?

Like Dyver said, after the last time the graphics were updated the black screens have become worse, for me too. That update was in June.

If you had no problems after June, yet your problems started more recently there might be another or an additional cause.

I saw a post mentioning that the Photon UI took more memory than the old UI, if you are one of the people who are playing with the new UI now, give it a try with Photon turned off to see if you get any improvements?

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Can also try setting DirectX 11 in the Launcher via the cog wheel at top right and see if this improves performance.

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