Multiple Skillbook Package Container


I want to offer a simple idea for a container item, designed to store a multitude of skillbooks, for example when a corp wants to offer free skillbook packages to its rookie members.

Present time when you want to do such thing, the less bulky option is to store the skillbooks in small cargo containers and distribute them to rookies. But these containers are 100m3 when assembled and the skillbooks take up a tiny amount of space, so these containers are still just too bulky to transport and not efficient.

A dedicated Skillbook Package Container would have the following attributes:

  • Would take up 1m3 (or maybe 5m3) of cargo space, no matter if assembled or not.

  • A distinctive item icon, that would indicate its purpose.

  • Should be able to store a multitude of skillbooks, to suit the needs of various corporations and alliances.

I think this might be really helpful, when you want to share a bunch of skillbooks with new pilots, making the process easier and the transport of said skill packages much less bulky.

Additional suggestions welcome.

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with skills on demand, i don’t see why this would need to be a thing.

I outlined an example above: For when a corporation wants to deliver free skill packages to newbies.

But yeah, skills are affordable for the most part. Still, a skill package, provided to newbros when they join a corp, would serve as a good kick-start for them.


If you are that passionate about this, then follow the format in the small QoL changes thread and post it there

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Sure thing. I will.


Skills on demand are at a higher price than you can get from NPCs and not all skills are available.


I’ve been thinking about something like this a lot recently. Imagine how much good it woulda done Horde back in the day with the NBI? Would love to eventually see it happen, bark at the appropriate channels. :smiley:


Pardon the double post, but this would also be greaaaaaaat for triglavians. A grimoire of necessary skills, perhaps?

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