MWD and scrambler mechanics


i have been out of game for a while, did i miss something: Why can’t i activate my mwd 25km off a Heron in j-space? The Heron for sure had a scrambler fitted, but 25km? Maybe an easy answer, but i don’t see it right now.

Are you sure it was a Heron?
The Maulus Navy, Interceptors, Heavy Interdiction Cruisers, and some other specialized Gallente ships could scram at these ranges under the right circumstances.

You also can not activate modules (except the nullifier high-slots) while you are still cloaked after jumping a gate or wormhole. You have to decloak first to activate modules.

And are you sure you had everything on your overview? There are NPCs that can use tackle.

If you still have your game client open, you could check the logs to see what happened.

How do you know that the Heron had a scrambler fitted? In fact, only a very small amount of Herons will have a scrambler fitted, so I won’t expect a random Heron to have one for sure. Did it scramble you?

Without a Video or at least a screenshot showing the message “can’t activate MWD because external factors blabla” we cannot say much to your case. Can be a bug, can be a misunderstanding of the situation on your side, can be a overview not showing all ships on grid…

It was in a Sansha Relic Site, so no rats.

It was a Heron.

In the Log it was just the Heron.

KB shows the player flying a Heron with scrambler, but yes i can’t be sure he had a scrambler fitted this time.

Azaru can scram like uhh 40-60+km? Scary ship.

Long ago it was a liked bait ship. One learned to just avoid them. Not sure how that goes these days as I wander low not null.

Bait tanked quite well, it’s bonuses. and 99.99% of the time it was a question of when, not if, you’d get to meet the ninjya crew it cyno in.

Were you cloaked?

looking at your killboard, it appears you lost your Buzzard to an Astero.

Asteros commonly fit scrams. They are a surprisingly capable pvp ship.

Herons are also surprisingly capable when fit for pvp. Look up Pinkylein on z-kill.

I dont know why, but the KM is not on the Killboard, just in my Combatlog.

No, of course i was not cloaked.

Then most probably your Overview was simply bugged, you had a lagspike or were so surprised that you misread the distance or misclicked the MWD button. A Heron can, with on a normal T2 Warp Scrambler shut down your MWD from 10.8km, not 25km.

Yes, probably.

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