My account broke


did you happen to be in the new cruiser when you logged off? as that was the case with me and i cant login now either -.-

I have the same issue, set up the new skills to train and now am unable to log into the test server. Not sure if that’s the issue or something unrelated.

Quick and dirty screenshot

the skills might cause the issue then :frowning:

Same happened on all my accounts trained to new ships skills. :no_mouth:

so it looks like the new ships broke accounts. nice

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I am also in same situation
It is only the account of traning new skill [EDENCOM ship and vorton turret skill]
I uninstalled EVEOnline game client and AppData file(Cache file)
And reinstalled them but still happen.
I think it is game server issue.

Same issue - left the skills training so I could try out the battleship this morning. Unable to log back in.

I have the same issue

+1 same problem here, can not log to sisi

same here

The issue appears to be related to training!
LogLite_M2id2CjKD4|690x384 skill. I have the following loglite:

Log for the Picture

+1 the same issue

cannot login as well

same issue too.

same thing happened here, not in a new ship, but training new ship skills, other account seems to be unaffected.

Ditto same issue, in one of the edencom ships with edencom skills training (cruiser V specifically) warped to CA1, crashed and got blacked out screen.

Same issue here, crashed as soon as I warped to the CA1 and can’t log in now.

Got the same issue got the new skills in my training list now i cant use my account

Same issue here, logged of in the EDENCOM frigate and with some new skills in the queue…