My all market orders removed

Today I logged in to my account and noticed that all of my market sell orders are removed. There is no cancellation activity in the market history tab. I had 200+ sell orders. All of them are removed and my items are in inventory. Wallet market transactions tab shows that last market transaction happened at 10:57 Eve time today. How can this happen?

Incorrect market order settings?
that could means your orders have expired!

It cannot be. Almost all of them had 80+ days duration. Maybe a few of them had 70-80 days duration.

thats why i said → Incorrect market order settings?

No. I am sure that they had 80+ days expiry time because I always create them with 90 days duration and update them almost every day. Is there any other setting I am not aware of?

maybe this time you did a mistake and set the wrong time ? couldnt it happen ?

ive learned that i better dont trust the word on ppls problem because they did some mistakes but didnt noticed it !

not as i remember atm

but if you think it was a bug then file a bug report. but at first ! pls be 100% you did no mistake :wink:

On Which Station or Citadelle where those Marketorders?

I am sure. These orders existed for a long time. They are not orders with duration set as 1 day by mistake. Also, the last time I created new orders was about 12-13 hours ago. Even if it was set as 1 day, they wouldn’t be gone during the day.

@ISD_Traindriver Orders were in 1DQ1-A keepstar.

Edit: I checked the market and other people’s orders are still there. Also I can create new orders.

It seems something about the structure. There is no problem with the game.